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World Prepaid credit card Market Report

Prepaid credit cards though termed so, are not exactly credit cards, as they provide no credit to the cardholder. The card allows the customers to spend money that they have already deposited in the account concerned. These cards are powered ...


World Neobanking Market Report

Neobanking is a novel banking technology that provides complete online banking solutions to its customers. These banks differ from traditional banks, as they have no physical offices and branches. Neobanking allows everything from opening an account to other services, without ...


World SOHO Mobile Banking Market Report

SOHO mobile banking market refers to mobile banking activities conducted in Small Offices or Home Offices. As per recent findings, one fourth of the SOHO market showed interest in checking account packages offered through mobile banking. U.S. comprises of approx. ...


World Predictive Analytics in Banking Market Report

Data mining is a thing of the past; today, business entities need real-time access to customer and business related information, in order to take early and better decision. Predictive analytics in banking sector is a new technology to derive customer ...


World Mobile Banking Market Report

Mobile banking is a system developed by financial institutions that allow the customers to conduct certain financial transactions through their mobile. At present, there are approx. 53 million active users of mobile banking in the U.S. Earlier, mobile banking was ...


Trade Finance Market Report

Trade financing deals with activities related with financing of domestic and international trade. It involves activities such as insurance, issuing letters of credits, and lending. The trade finance is used by buyers, sellers, manufactures, importers and exporters to ease financing ...


Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Machine Learning Market Report

The artificial intelligence deals with simulation techniques; it involves the machines that are capable of performing similar tasks as humans; such as decision making and speech recognitions. Machine learning is an extended application of artificial intelligence, which allows the software ...


Car Finance Market Report

Car financing includes range of financial products that provide funds to customers to acquire a car without full payment through cash or lump pay. There are various financial products available in the car loan categories. These services are provided by financing companies or specialist car manufacturers.


Health Insurance Market Report

The health insurances cover the cost associated with medical and surgical expenses of the individual. These costs occurred during the treatment of patient are either fully paid by insurance company in advance or by indirect method in which the patient ...


E-passport and E-visa Market Report

E-passport, also known as biometric passport, contains an electronic chip embedded in it. An e-visa or electronic visa is an online platform that enables an applicant to facilitate online application to obtain a visa. These are advanced forms of traditional ...


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