Bluestar Silicones International Co., Ltd.-Company profile, Business Overview, Financial Performance, Operating Segments, Strategic Moves, and Competitive Intelligence Report

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  • July 2017
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Silicones are high-performance oligomers or polymers with an alternating siliconoxygen backbone, formed with aliphatic or aromatic side groups. They are considered as a modern class of synthetic materials in which siloxane functional group forms the backbone and can take a variety of physical forms such as solids, semi-viscous pastes, oils, and more. They are produced by reacting silicon with methyl chloride and further reaction with water. Silicones are resistant to high & low temperatures and find applications in several products used across a wide range of end-user industries. Manufacturers of silicone are carefully complying with the regulations and norms drawn by the public authorities from the U.S., Europe, and Asia to safeguard human health and the environment. 



1.1 Company Overview

1.2 Company Snapshot

1.3 Operating Business Segment

1.4 Business Performance

1.5 Key Strategic moves and Development



TABLE 1. Bluestar Silicones International Snapshot

FIGURE 1. Bluestar Silicones International: Revenue by Business Segments, 2015 (%)

FIGURE 2. Bluestar Silicones International: Revenue by Geography, 2015 (%)

FIGURE 3. Bluestar Silicones International - SWOT Analysis

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