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Join us for SiGMA Americas-Toronto

06 June 2022


Event date: 06-09 JUNE 2022

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An internationally recognized hub of business development and innovation, SiGMA is setting the agenda for the future of the industry as a whole, attracting visionaries and innovators to a first-class meeting point. When it comes to making the right connections with the right people – SiGMA offers the perfect environment.

SiGMA will open its the doors to 20,000 attendees, including some big-name speakers and exhibitors. With 3 stages of content, competitive pitch events, and an esports tournament highlighting our agenda, delegates are spoilt for choice during this 3-day convergence of conference, networking, and entertainment.

SiGMA is pulling out all the stops. From sunset cruises to a top closing night party and everything in between – SiGMA offers unparalleled access to top-tier networking opportunities.

Would you like to connect with affiliates?

Operators and non-operators with an innovative streak looking for traffic will have a unique opportunity to engage with some of the best affiliates the industry has to offer.

Affiliates who submit their applications to the event can apply here and those who will be accepted will get an exclusive treatment to Malta: flights, accommodation, networking events, and activities.

Strict due diligence will apply to ensure the fittest affiliates with active gambling traffic make the list. Visit our website to read more about how you can apply or reach out to Sophie.

SiGMA Europe

Malta, being one of the first European states to regulate the gambling sector, is a nexus of the global industry and one of its main pillars. This makes it a natural choice for SiGMA’s presence in Europe and a solid foundation to explore the future of its landscape. We’re holding our super-shows back-to-back, allowing investors to leverage the significant crossover potential for multi-faceted business deals and to double down on opportunities to connect with some of the leading affiliates, policymakers, thought leaders, suppliers, and operators in the industry.


Malta Week is your chance to tap into the synergy between the ample cross-pollination opportunities available between the emerging tech, digital health, digital marketing, and gaming sectors while making the most of what the island has to offer.

English-speaking, with a rich cultural history, and plenty of leisure and entertainment choices, Malta has much to offer those seeking to inject a little fun into their stay. From scenic beaches to charming restaurants nestled in the winding streets of its Baroque architecture, the Maltese islands offer a stunning and historical backdrop against which to forge lucrative deals.

Join us for SiGMA Americas – Toronto:

Toronto is the perfect hub for SiGMA’s growth in North America, making it a nexus of networking and business development in the region with regards to land-based, iGaming, sports betting, and more. Playing host to a massive iGaming industry, Toronto will be the home for the SiGMA Group’s initiative to link the industry pioneers of the continent together for 3 days of networking, workshops, and awards. To learn more about sponsorship and speaking opportunities or to inquire about attending the event, please contact Sophie on

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