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AMR conducts consumer surveys for the products and services of our clients. This survey makes you aware of the consumer’s view on the quality of your product or service. Consumer survey is an important source of information that helps you further make your product and service quality better as consumers are the end users and their feedback is of utmost importance.

We come up with a questionnaire especially designed as per your product and company. The questionnaire consists of questions that deal with positive and negative aspects of the product, what additional features a customer desires in the product, which other brand do they consider good enough, why would they choose your product and many more. We receive feedback and responses from the customers regarding the quality ratings and many other factors related to the product and company. This also includes their view on after-sale services of client products.

We are very specific with the customers we include in our survey. We consider consumers from various geographic regions, economic status, sex, cultural views, and on the basis of many other factors. The selection of customers to be surveyed is done on a very strategic and focused manner so that the overall final survey data is unbiased and free from impacts by any of the factors discussed above. The survey is further segmented on the basis of these factors and the segmented survey findings are presented along with the overall findings. Our consumer survey service helps you make actionable decisions that help in growth of your product as you are able to mend the faults in your business process, distribution channel, product quality, after-sale service, etc.

Benefits of Consumer Surveys

  • You receive demographics of your potential consumers such as their age, marital status, gender, economic status, education, etc.
  • Their reasons behind making a purchasing decision
  • Need analysis of your product
  • Awareness among people about your product/service
  • Buying habits of the customers

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