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6 Nov - 2019

Surge in space constraints in semiconductor wafers, rise in demand for smart consumer electronics, and usage of embedded processors in the automotive market are driving the growth of the global embedded processor market

6 Nov - 2019

Growing penetration of machine-to-machine/Internet of Things connections and the surge in demand for mobile broadband services are significant drivers.

9 Oct - 2019

The AI chip startup scene is buzzing with heavy inflow of investments into artificial intelligence (AI) startups coupled with rise in demand for smart cities & smart homes, and emergence of quantum computing.

5 Oct - 2019

Leading companies have launched their new products and the competition is getting fiercer than before. Tech giants such as Xiaomi, Realme, and others have launched the products with different specifications and capacities.

27 Sep - 2019

With it gaining more and more importance, an array of different insurance plans has now become quite popular for international tourists.

25 Sep - 2019

Expansion of M2M/IoT connections and rise in demand for mobile broadband services are the two major factors driving the growth of the global 5G infrastructure market.

8 Sep - 2019

The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing more day by day in our lives.

30 Aug - 2019

In the future, the collaboration of robots and humans could be helpful for major developments.

29 Aug - 2019

when it comes to the world of business, 5G certainly detains the prospects to have even more distinct impressions.

29 Aug - 2019

5G infrastructure has increased the basic standards of communication by ensuring massive improvements in performance, speed, and scale to support the plethora of new bandwidth, expanding the horizons of digitalization.

29 Aug - 2019

Rather than waiting for peers and competitors to lay the groundwork for blockchain, today’s IT leaders should consider the advantages of going early into this innovation frontier.

20 Aug - 2019

The warehouse robotics have offered a more efficient, reliable, and accurate way of handling demand and supply equation by letting robots perform functions such as pick-place, packaging, transportation, and palletizing.

8 Aug - 2019

In military applications, it can be utilized in self-repair, corrosion control, select removal, and other applications. The implementation of nanotechnology is on the rise.

7 Aug - 2019

The interference of 5G network will definitely perk up productivity as well as response time of the ventures.

5 Aug - 2019

IIoT helps manufacturers with data analysis to provide them with a faster ROI at a lower cost.

5 Aug - 2019

Integrating video surveillance with the available security systems would optimize the safety of a place. New technologies have helped in making advancements in video surveillance.

30 Jul - 2019

Innovation has taken place across the world to solve the labor shortage issue with cooking robots.

29 Jul - 2019

Gaining insights from loads and chunks of data to accelerate the growth and enable efficient service to customers is necessary.

26 Jul - 2019

Robotic workers are now commonplace in automobile and manufacturing and are expected to gain popularity for their profitability and productivity.

26 Jun - 2019

Researchers at NASA have been working on developing soft robots for applications of space exploration. The industry of smart robots is flooding with innovative products.

18 Jun - 2019

The development of the market would turn the biggest jackpot for the market players over the next few years.

17 Jun - 2019

Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, manufacturing processes have gone through several changes.

5 Apr - 2019

Artificial Intelligence has exploded in popularity and been accepted by millions of homes globally.

28 Mar - 2019

Efficient data operations at multiple scales are the basis of machine learning, the foundational core of AI. However, a UK-based company called Graphcore is aiming to revolutionize the AI chip market by significantly disrupting the semiconductor industry.

22 Mar - 2019

Industrial or factory automation is a vast field that involves simultaneous working of software, machinery, software, and information systems to achieve increased production, superior quality, lower cost, increased flexibility, and higher accuracy

14 Feb - 2019

AMR estimates the global market was worth $129.8 million in 2017, with software making up three-quarters of market revenue.

14 Feb - 2019

2018 was game-changing for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) industry.

6 Feb - 2019

In today’s age of rapid technological advancement and innovation, a greater number of electronic goods, which comprises computers..

29 Jan - 2019

Certain advantages that would improve the security of organizations and locations to become a valuable part of the business

17 Jan - 2019

The need to protect delicate information and sensitive data as well as thwart organized cyber attacks has driven industries across several verticals—including banking, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail—to employ Managed Security Services.

16 Jan - 2019

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing enormously with its wide range of applications in numerous fields.

14 Jan - 2019

Software made up 72 percent of the market in 2017, and is expected to be the largest component by revenue through 2025

12 Dec - 2018

5G networks in the sub-6 GHz frequency range are predicted to comprise 77% of the market in 2020,

8 Sep - 2018

The mobile applications for food delivery are gaining popularity worldwide with more and more people..

22 Aug - 2018

Unmanned aerial vehicle technology is advancing rapidly, and drones are getting smaller by the day.

16 Aug - 2018

After years of focus on software development, the technology industry reinvented the importance of semiconductors as it recognizes

16 Aug - 2018

Investments have been made in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) accelerators that support deep learning,

10 Aug - 2018

The research and development activities have been carried out and new robots have been introduced for various applications such as paint removal,

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