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1 Sep - 2021

The way towards development has offered us a number of perks however, with this what we have offered to the world is nothing but pollution and way more carbon than what it requires. With advancements, the world has also witnessed increased emissions and climate change. And according to the world economic forum, the only solution left with us now is decarbonization for climate stabilization.

27 Aug - 2021

LEDs are lightening our lives for a long time now. These were first used in the 1970s, but the way transformation has hit these devices is quite noticeable. From different colors and brightness options to their energy- efficiency these lights, for a fact, has modified the environment all across. Among LEDs, moreover, the high brightness LEDs segment is increasingly becoming popular.

18 Aug - 2021

Auto insurance can be defined as a smart coverage of financial protection to consumers against bodily damage, stemming from traffic crashes or stealing of vehicles. For instance, IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) has delegated the three-year insurance scheme for four-wheelers and five-year plan for bikes at the time of registry or garage sale. To safeguard both the insured and uninsured customers from unwanted misfortunes, the Motor Vehicle Act enforces people to have essential third-party accountability coverage, which defends the insured party against the fiscal loss in the occasion of physical injury, demise, and impairment of assets such as building, utility pole, or fence to the third party.

18 Aug - 2021

Auto insurance can be defined as a smart coverage of financial protection to consumers against bodily damage, stemming from traffic crashes

10 Aug - 2021

In software engineering, Continuous Integration (CI) is a set of software development practices that integrate code changes from several contributors into a single project. It is beneficial for developers as it helps implement small code changes into a central repository frequently. Automated devices are used to maintain the correct new code before integration. A source code version control system is referred to as the heart of the Continuous Integration process.

1 Aug - 2021

Buildings are an essential part of a city’s ecosystem indeed. Future buildings are designed with smart technologies in order to make people’s lives easier. A smart building is a structure that uses building automation system (BAS) to control building’s HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), lighting, security, etc. It uses internet of things (IoT) enabled devices like sensors, software, actuators, microchips etc. to monitor and control several building characteristics and collect & analyze data to manage the system according to business functions, operations, and services.

26 Jul - 2021

Intelligence research refers to gathering and analysing data to forecast competitive action, understand past market disruptions, and analyse events and growth variables that may affect the organisation. Using intelligence research, companies can gain valuable insights into growing their business and leveraging lucrative opportunities.

22 Jul - 2021

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and deep learning are buzz words in the tech world. What’s more, deep learning is regarded as the most successful paradigms of AI applications in the real world. Thus, when it comes to accelerating deep learning, companies turn toward deep learning chips and more than 80 startups and well-known tech giants that invest in this business.

8 Jul - 2021

This is the age of automation, AI and IoT. More and more companies have transformed the way they do business and are ready to ride the wave of digital transformation. For some, they had no choice but to adopt digitalization because the COVID-19 pandemic forced people to work remotely. This transformation opened the door wide open for IoT devices and their large-scale adoption.

1 Jul - 2021

Building automation can be defined as the automatic centralized control for a number of different purposes such as aeration, heating, air conditioning, security control systems, and so on. With the help of feelers, detectors, beams, relays, radars, and other smart components combined with intelligent electronics, building automation technology takes recourse to central computing system to operate effectually. They have now been in use in several verticals including hospitality, residential, commercial, and others. And, in order to get the smart building system work efficiently, the data on building system status should be evaluated perceptively. It calls for concentrated processing of huge amount of data, with different variables to be taken into consideration. AI tends to dole out several tailor-made solutions that are highly suited for effective & well-organized building management.

28 Jun - 2021

As more people use cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency ATMs offer a hassle-free way to exchange cryptocurrencies. Crypto ATM market players are focusing on advancing the technologies, along with adopting new strategies to expand the market.

1 Jun - 2021

Home automation and control system can be defined as the complete automation of household movements and activities. Smart home technology generally involves any set of appliances and devices that tether into a common network that can be remotely and autonomously controlled. Also, often referred to as ‘connected home’, the devices under smart home technology tend to work together in one system. Right from the audio speakers and lighting fixtures to security cameras and televisions- all are tethered to a common system, and it can be easily controlled from any smart mobile touch screen device.

1 May - 2021

Building automation and controls is the way of the future. The surge in demand for convenient user experience, rise in deployment of building automation systems, and increase in need for advanced energy-efficient interventions are driving factors for the growth of the building automation industry.

1 May - 2021

Powering Business Through Information, Intelligence and Insights

1 Apr - 2021

Advancements in technology and the approach of innovation by healthcare companies led to considerable improvements in pain management devices over the past years. From management of chronic pain to reliving post-operative pain, innovative devices have been making their way into the world. Leading device manufacturers have been developing and launching their new products that would relive and manage different kinds of pain. From knee braces to cap-sized neuromodulation devices, new products have been launched to help people improve the quality of their lives. Some of the products are in the development stage, while some have been commercialized and launched. The trend of innovation is expected to bring breakthrough devices in the coming years.

16 Mar - 2021

Rising knowledge about natural elements in health & personal care products in countries such as Japan, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and the United States has increased the demand for Ayurvedic herbs in more than one way. The fivethousand year old medical treatment, Ayurveda has stood the test indeed.

11 Feb - 2020

Election interference predates the internet. However, rapid technological advancements introduced multiple new frontiers through which elections can be manipulated.

23 Jan - 2020

Since the last few years, the blockchain technology has been benefiting several industries with discernibility, safety, and many other features, incorporating standards to their businesses. Thus, blockchain technology is believed to transmute the current working of identity management in the best possible way.

18 Jan - 2020

In the world where tech giants such as Google, Tesla, and Uber are eager to see driverless cars roaming on the street, the time is close when autonomous ships would dominate oceans.

24 Dec - 2019

With the top-end advancement of technology, the pressure to improve productivity has increased yet more. And, this is where data warehousing peeps in.

16 Dec - 2019

That figure represents an astounding CAGR of 38.1 percent for the years between 2019 and 2026. According to AMR, the international analytics market sat at $9.62 billion in 2018.

8 Dec - 2019

A rise in volume & variety of business data, an increase in the need for business agility & data accessibility, and growing demand for real-time streaming analytics drive the growth of the global data fabric market.

23 Nov - 2019

Rise in network densification, growing mobile data traffic, emergence of Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) band, and surge in investment in 5G infrastructure by several economies have boosted the growth of the global Small Cell 5G Network Market.

22 Nov - 2019

small cell deployment challenges and concerns related to fiber backhaul are the factors that hamper the market growth. On the contrary, emergence of Internet of Things (IoT), and rise in demand for ultra-reliable low latency communications are expected to create lucrative opportunities in the near future.

12 Nov - 2019

A power bank is a portable device that can be used to charge several gadgets such as smartphones, earphones, tablets, and Bluetooth devices.

6 Nov - 2019

Surge in space constraints in semiconductor wafers, rise in demand for smart consumer electronics, and usage of embedded processors in the automotive market are driving the growth of the global embedded processor market

6 Nov - 2019

Growing penetration of machine-to-machine/Internet of Things connections and the surge in demand for mobile broadband services are significant drivers.

15 Oct - 2019

North America held the major market share in 2017, contributing nearly two-fifths of the total market and will continue its dominant position throughout the forecast period. However, Asia Pacific is estimated to manifest the fastest CAGR of 66.70% from 2018 to 2025.

9 Oct - 2019

The AI chip startup scene is buzzing with heavy inflow of investments into artificial intelligence (AI) startups coupled with rise in demand for smart cities & smart homes, and emergence of quantum computing.

5 Oct - 2019

Leading companies have launched their new products and the competition is getting fiercer than before. Tech giants such as Xiaomi, Realme, and others have launched the products with different specifications and capacities.

3 Oct - 2019

power tools have other internal engines as well as machineries that permit them to work more competently than that of their manual counterparts.

27 Sep - 2019

With it gaining more and more importance, an array of different insurance plans has now become quite popular for international tourists.

25 Sep - 2019

Expansion of M2M/IoT connections and rise in demand for mobile broadband services are the two major factors driving the growth of the global 5G infrastructure market.

17 Sep - 2019

The robotic total station perfectly meets this requirement as implementing this technology is a straightforward process.

8 Sep - 2019

The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing more day by day in our lives.

4 Sep - 2019

3D technology has transformed the automotive industry with its inventions.

30 Aug - 2019

In the future, the collaboration of robots and humans could be helpful for major developments.

29 Aug - 2019

when it comes to the world of business, 5G certainly detains the prospects to have even more distinct impressions.

29 Aug - 2019

5G infrastructure has increased the basic standards of communication by ensuring massive improvements in performance, speed, and scale to support the plethora of new bandwidth, expanding the horizons of digitalization.

29 Aug - 2019

Rather than waiting for peers and competitors to lay the groundwork for blockchain, today’s IT leaders should consider the advantages of going early into this innovation frontier.

26 Aug - 2019

The use of 3D displays is thriving at a rapid pace. Be it in the world of business market or in the domain of information technology,

23 Aug - 2019

Mobile robots are usually controlled by software and use various sensors and gears to identify and move around their surroundings.

20 Aug - 2019

The warehouse robotics have offered a more efficient, reliable, and accurate way of handling demand and supply equation by letting robots perform functions such as pick-place, packaging, transportation, and palletizing.

19 Aug - 2019

Fuel cards are one of those advanced technologies that can meet the needs of the masses.

8 Aug - 2019

In military applications, it can be utilized in self-repair, corrosion control, select removal, and other applications. The implementation of nanotechnology is on the rise.

7 Aug - 2019

The interference of 5G network will definitely perk up productivity as well as response time of the ventures.

5 Aug - 2019

IIoT helps manufacturers with data analysis to provide them with a faster ROI at a lower cost.

5 Aug - 2019

Integrating video surveillance with the available security systems would optimize the safety of a place. New technologies have helped in making advancements in video surveillance.

1 Aug - 2019

data center makes it possible for the venture to concentrate on things that have got a direct connection with its profit margin.

30 Jul - 2019

Innovation has taken place across the world to solve the labor shortage issue with cooking robots.

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