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Subsea Vessels Market

Subsea Vessels Market Report

Subsea vessels that serve operational purposes. Operational purposes include works such as construction work at site and task related to oil exploration at offshore.

Digital Freight Brokerage Market

Digital Freight Brokerage Market Report

The digital freight brokerage in the transportation & logistics sector is gradually heading toward a digital transformation, as more companies are leveraging digital technologies to improve various aspects of the value chain.

300cc Motorcycle Market

300cc Motorcycle Market Report

The 300cc motorcycle market has really started to look at motorcycling as a joyous activity, rather than something which fulfills their commuting needs. Most people prefer performance that matches or exceeds the ...

Ethanol Car Market

Ethanol Car Market Report

Ethanol is one of the most promising alternative fuels to be used entirely or in a blended form with gasoline as ethanol can be produced synthetically as well as biologically.

Heavy Duty Vehicle Market

Heavy Duty Vehicle Market Report

Heavy duty vehicle is a commercially used vehicle that relies on different techniques that enable it to sense the surroundings and to navigate while functioning with human input.

On-demand Transportation Market

On-demand Transportation Market Report

On-demand transportation is an internet-based service that is used to book means of transportation in return for money, based on the time and distance it is used for.

Truck Sharing Market

Truck Sharing Market Report

The truck sharing app is an on-demand service, which offers request access to a truck in as little as half an hour.

Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT) Market

Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT) Market Report

The bus rapid transit systems (BRT) are well-designed bus transport systems that are developed to deliver efficient, cost-effective, and high public transportation services. The bus rapid transit system (BRT) is a high-quality ...

Hopper Car Market

Hopper Car Market Report

The hopper car is a self-clearing enclosed railroad freight car with a fixed roof, sides, and ends with openings for loading through the roof and bottom openings for unloading. Covered hopper cars ...

Tank Car Market

Tank Car Market Report

The tank car is also called a rail wagon. The railroad cars are of two types namely tank cars and freight cars. The railroad tank cars are constructed and are designed for ...

Bike Taxi Market

Bike Taxi Market Report

Bike taxi is a form of transportation, which carries one passenger from one place to another. It is much cheaper form of taxi and provides services in various forms, such as bike ...

Motorcycle Rentals Market

Motorcycle Rentals Market Report

Motorcycle rental is a business that allows individuals to rent motorcycles for a time period and return it when their requirement is over. In the motorcycle rental market, owners of motorcycle rental ...

Shared Mobility Market

Shared Mobility Market Report

Shared mobility is a commuting service, wherein organizations arrange commercial vehicles to provide commuting service from one place to another. The owner of a number of commercial vehicles provide its fleet to ...

Solar Boat Market

Solar Boat Market Report

Solar boats are operated with battery power and have solar panels for charging the battery. Solar boats are eco-friendly boats that are free from noise, vibration, and exhaust gases. Solar boats have ...

Artificial Intelligence in Transportation Market

Artificial Intelligence in Transportation Market Report

Artificial intelligence is a computer-operated task that involves human intelligence such as decision making. The market is growing at a significant rate due to mounting government regulation for vehicle safety and security. ...

Barge Transportation Market

Barge Transportation Market Report

Barge is a flat surface vessel that transports cargo through waterways only. Usage of inland waterways within the transportation of chemical, agricultural, and farm products propels the expansion of the market. The ...

Scooter Sharing Market

Scooter Sharing Market Report

Scooter sharing systems work toward providing the public with a fast and convenient mode of transport for last-mile mobility in urban areas. Due to the growing popularity of scooter-sharing, municipal governments have ...

Taxi and Limousine Software Market

Taxi and Limousine Software Market Report

Taxi & limousine software provides the ability to operate a complete transportation system, which allows users or an individual to borrow bikes, small electric cars, and shuttles by paying a specific subscription ...

Vehicle Security System Market

Vehicle Security System Market Report

Vehicle security system is a device installed in vehicle for discouraging theft of the vehicle. Vehicle security systems such as alarms, central locking, remote keyless entry, passive entry systems, and immobilizers are ...

Automotive Activated Carbon Canister Market

Automotive Activated Carbon Canister Market Report

Automotive activated carbon canister is a device that stores and captures vehicle fuel vapor and releases purified air under the action of heat, thereby protecting the atmosphere and the surrounding environment from ...

Coherent Radar Market

Coherent Radar Market Report

Coherent radars extract information about nearby targets through measurement of phase of echoes, which is done on observation. Information passed can be reflected as electronic pulses and can be used to improve ...

Lane Keep Assist System Market

Lane Keep Assist System Market Report

The lane keeping assist system is a technical application that combines cameras, sensors, and autonomous assistance. It is applied to vehicles to make the vehicle drive in a specific lane. When the ...

Maritime Situational Awareness Systems Market

Maritime Situational Awareness Systems Market Report

Maritime situational awareness system is equipment that uses information from the automated identification system (AIS), applies anomaly detection algorithms and provides maritime surveillance. Any unusual behavior that obstructs course of naval ships ...

Ship Heat Exchanger Market

Ship Heat Exchanger Market Report

The maritime industry has played an important role in business growth by transporting goods on a global scale. While it is important to reduce the travel time by improvising ship technology but safety, reliability and durability are equally important to a ship’s operations.

Ship Searchlight Market

Ship Searchlight Market Report

Depending on the application, different types of ship searchlights are used. Sealed beam halogen lamps are common marine searchlights, while advanced searchlights such as advanced dual halogen sealed beam lamps and LED ...

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