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Electronic Thermometer Market

Electronic Thermometer Market Size, Share, Competitive Landscape and Trend Analysis Report by Type and by Application : Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2023-2032

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Author's: | Sonia Mutreja
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Electronic Thermometer Market Outlook - 2030

The global electronic thermometer market is experiencing a significant growth and will grow considerably in the next few years. Electronic thermometers use a thermosensitive device to detect temperature changes, in which the electrical resistance varies in reaction to temperature changes. This device, which can be a thermistor or a thermocouple, is built inside the probe's tip. As thermistors are so small, they react quickly to temperature changes. A thermistor's current flow is converted into a temperature reading, which is shown on a digital readout.

Electronic thermometers show either a predicted equilibrium temperature (in predictive mode) or an actual equilibrium temperature (in actual mode) based on readings gathered over 15-30 seconds (in continuous mode). Electronic thermometers are simple to operate and can monitor temperatures between 31.6°C and 42.2°C in predictive mode and 26.7° to 42.2° C in continuous mode. This gadget is excellent for detecting temperature in hypothermic patients because of the low range offered in continuous mode.

Oral, axillary, and rectal temperatures can all be measured with electronic thermometers, which are small and portable. Axillary temperature is measured in the same way as a mercury-in-glass thermometer, but with an electronic probe and a wait for the signal on the digital display to indicate that the temperature is ready. Oral and rectal measurements require separate color-coded probes, and the disposable probe cover must be in place to work, reducing the danger of cross-contamination. When the temperature on the digital display is ready to be recorded, an audio signal sounds.

The global electronic thermometer market is segmented on the basis of type, application, and region. Based on type, the market is divided into ear type thermometer, forehead type thermometer, and other. In terms of application, the market is categorized into clinic, hospital, laboratories, and other. Geographically, the market is analyzed across several regions such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America, Middle East & Africa (LAMEA).

Key players operating in the global electronic thermometer industry include Tecnimed Srl, Yuwell, Panasonic, Philips, Hartmann, Berrcom, Citizen Group, Microlife, Braun, and Omron. These companies have adopted several strategies such as product launches, partnerships, collaborations, mergers & acquisitions, and joint ventures to strengthen their foothold in the global electronic thermometer market.

COVID-19 Impact Analysis

The worldwide quarantine imposed in response to the COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in an economic catastrophe that has thrown practically every business into disarray. The epidemic is wreaking havoc on a variety of industries. Following the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, businesses were forced to make difficult financial and cost-cutting decisions to ensure the continued flow of goods.

The lockdown was the result of the new coronavirus's short-term influence on the manufacturing industry around the world, which resulted in a drop in semiconductor demand. The COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown have resulted in the closure of activities, as well as e-commerce and retail stores, putting supply chains at risk and widening the gap between demand and supply. Furthermore, the supply of electronic components has been harmed as a result of the global shutdown.

Over the years, the world has seen a widespread epidemic of various dangerous diseases. A low-grade fever that gradually develops is the initial and most common symptom of numerous infectious diseases. For example, one of the largest disease outbreaks of 2016 is the Zika virus. It is accompanied with an increase in body temperature, necessitating admission to a hospital or surveillance or isolation in a home-based healthcare setting for the sick individual. Individual temperature readings must be checked on a regular basis in order to develop a treatment plan that is tailored to the patient's needs.

Similarly, the latest COVID-19 pandemic, which began in China, has spread to nearly every country on the planet. In response of COVID-19's long-term implications, governments are attempting to address the problem by enacting beneficial initiatives and policies such as financial packages, lower interest rates, and tax exemptions. As a result of these regular outbreaks, demand for electronic thermometer market has skyrocketed, propelling the market forward.

Top Impacting Factors

The market is predicted to expand due to the rising number of medical diseases that necessitate accurate body temperature assessment to determine treatment alternatives. In addition, the demand for maintaining a temperature-controlled environment in various industries such as food, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals is a key driver of the market expansion.

Furthermore, the market is expected to benefit from the development of devices that use technical breakthroughs to effectively measure minute temperature variations. However, the growing use of mercury thermometers, which are being phased out, is stifling the growth of the market.

Increase in the Number of Patients

Medical disorders, such as diabetes, kidney illness, and cardiovascular disease, become more common as people age. This suggests that their immune system isn't working properly and is weakening. Adults are thus more vulnerable to infectious infections, which will likely increase the demand for medical thermometers. Children are exposed to a range of pathogens on a daily basis, making them prone to vector-borne, airborne, water-borne, and food-borne infections.

Furthermore, as toddlers tend to put everything in their mouths and do not frequently wash their hands, they are at the danger of contracting infectious diseases. Fever is a common symptom of all of these disorders; hence, measuring one’s temperature is the first step in diagnosing many infections. During the forecast period, this is expected to promote the market growth.

Increase in Demand for Digital Thermometer

The benefits of using a digital thermometer include improved accuracy, ease of cleaning and disinfection, and lower risk of cross-infection. Under the provision of the D&C Act, 1940, the Drug Technical Advisory Body (DTAB) authorized a request to integrate mercury-free thermometers with BP monitoring machines in 2018. This idea has aided in the maintenance of medical thermometer quality, assuring patient safety.

Key Benefits of the Report

  • This study presents the analytical depiction of the global electronic thermometer market share along with the current trends and future estimations to determine the imminent investment pockets.
  • The report presents information related to key drivers, restraints, and opportunities along with detailed analysis of the electronic thermometer market trends.
  • The current market is quantitatively analyzed to highlight the electronic thermometer market growth scenario.
  • Porter’s five forces analysis illustrates the potency of buyers & suppliers in the market.
  • The report provides a detailed electronic thermometer market analysis based on competitive intensity and how the competition will take shape in the coming years.
  • The report contains electronic thermometer market forecast  considering 2020 as a base year.
  • The report presents information on the electronic thermometer market opportunities to track potential regions and country.
  • The electronic thermometer market outlooks the future scope and estimates the percentage growth.

Questions Answered in Electronic Thermometer Market Research Report

  • Which are the leading players active in electronic thermometer market size?
  • What are the detailed impacts of COVID-19 on the electronic thermometer market?
  • What current trends will influence the electronic thermometer market in the next few years?
  • What are the driving factors, restraints, and opportunities in the electronic thermometer market?
  • What future projections would help in taking further strategic steps?

Electronic Thermometer Market Report Highlights

Aspects Details
By Type
  • Ear Type Thermometer
  • Forehead Type Thermometer
  • Other
By Application
  • Clinic
  • Hospital
  • Laboratories
  • Other
By Geography
  • North America
    • U.S.
    • Canada
  • Europe
    • UK
    • Germany
    • France
    • Italy
    • Spain
    • Rest of Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
    • China
    • Japan
    • India
    • South Korea
    • Rest of Asia Pacific
    • Latin America
    • Middle East
    • Africa
Key Market Players

Panasonic, Berrcom, Hartmann, Citizen Group, Yuwell, Tecnimed Srl, Philips, Braun, Omron., Microlife

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Electronic Thermometer Market

Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2023-2032