Allied Market Research
Peer Analysis

AMR defines peer groups on more specific pattern. It considers various factors such as size of organization, business domain, products, and services dealt in and much more, which are specifically developed as per the domain you are dealing in. Peer analysis of the competitors is more than essential for every company so as to understand the level of competition as well as the strategy to be implemented to sustain in the market. Our analysts understand the importance of every minute factor and start with base before any analysis. They pay utmost attention to accurate and most relevant determination of peers of our clients.

Our analysts perform in-depth peer analysis of other companies dealing in similar products and services. We pull out more relevant competitors you have in the market and make you aware of the strategies they are following so that you can take a resistive action against any negative market forces as well as work on your own business strategies that are result and success oriented. Peer analysis is essential for both, new entry companies and well-established firms. New entry companies get an idea about the overall market overview and thus they are able to take better initiatives. Our peer analysis helps already-established companies to understand their market positioning. It makes our client understand strategies of their competitors and if their strategies are more result oriented.

Our Methodology:

1. Identifying relevant peers

2. Analyzing the peers

3. Analysis report and consultation

Our methodology includes creation of custom peer groups for a specific client. The peer companies are identified on various criteria such as industry/across industry, lines of business, size of portfolio, geography (regional, national, and international), size of business (such as in terms of revenue), performance criteria, etc. AMR implements a more innovative approach to determine the peers. Rather than considering the asset size and geography, we consider other more relevant and accurate criteria such as earning strength, operating strategy, funding strategy, and other business practices.

Once the peer is identified, certain factors such as entry/exit parameters, key players, intensity of competition, and market mechanism are analyzed and documented for the client. The peer group companies are compared by our analysts based on criteria such as financial ratios, business model, capital ratios, asset quality ratios, market ratios, performance ratios, etc. The peers are then ranked as per these criteria and make the client aware of the business challenges and strategies to supersede its competitors. Lastly, we provide our client with a documented compilation of specific measures to be taken for better results and success in the market.

Why Allied Market Research?


To ensure high-level data integrity, accurate analysis, and impeccable forecasts


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On-demand customization of scope of the report to exactly meet your needs


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