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Project Profile on Pacific Hydro’s Haughton Solar Farm

Project Profile on Pacific Hydro’s Haughton Solar Farm (1000 MW) Market, Queensland

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Author's: Eswara Prasad | Eswara Prasad
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Haughton Solar Farm is located in south-east of Townsville, north Queensland. Queensland is an Australian state covering north-east continent. Queensland renewable energy plan is aimed to boost energy sector. The Queensland government is actively working in renewable energy sector to align itself with the continent’s Renewable Energy Target Scheme (RET) of large scale renewable energy generation of 33,000 GWh by year 2020.

The solar project will hold capacity to generate 1000 MW electricity in 3200ha area, expected to power 291,000 homes. The farm is an under-construction solar photovoltaic power station being developed by Pacific Hydro. The project will be largest solar farm in Queensland.  The project will include construction of a substation, site office, and battery storage area. It will include installation of solar panels, generators & transformers, laying of transmission lines, and inverters.

The project is being developed by Pacific Hydro in Queensland. The project will be built in 2 phases. Phase 1 will cover 1200ha of land and will hold capacity of 500 MW. The project will include site office, several substation, invertors, transmitters, storage area, and parking facilities. The land for the project was secured in November 2016. The proposal to the Burdekin Shire Council was made in May 2017, which was approved by council in June 2017. RCR Tomlinson was given early site work contract in November 2017,and Limited Notice to Proceed (LNTP) in April 2018 to begin the construction. PowerLink Queensland was awarded contract for power transmission and distribution network.

Pacific Hydro was established in 1992, in Australia. The company is engaged in renewable energy operator and development activities. It is selected among other top 9 project developers in the reverse auction held by Queensland government under its Renewable 400 program. On selection, the further construction contract will be allotted to CleanCo Queensland Ltd., a government owned corporation.

Key Takeaways:

  • The project profile covers in-depth information & updates on the Haughton solar farm
  • The project profile provides an overview on the energy sector in Queensland
  • Key statistics and operational metrics of this solar farm have been studied in detail
  • Key project dates, recent updates & developments in the project have been tracked in the study
  • Key contacts associated with the project have been incorporated

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Author Name(s) : Eswara Prasad | Eswara Prasad

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Project Profile on Pacific Hydro’s Haughton Solar Farm