Unlocking the Power of Play: Rise of Video Gaming

A video game is an activity of engaging with electronic devices to play games in several devices such as console, computers, and mobile devices for entertainment. It includes a broad range of genres such as adventure, action, simulation, role-playing, strategy, puzzle, and others. The perception of people toward video games differs as some believe these as a kind of distraction or a waste of time whereas others consider them to be a valid part of their schedule for entertainment, education, and training. Video games offer players a feeling of achievement, social interaction, and stress relief. Its excessive use, on the other hand, can have negative implications like addiction, social isolation, and physical health difficulties. It is important for players to practice responsible gaming habits whereas parents need to monitor their children's video game use.

The growing preference for online gaming fuels the popularity of MMO, F2P, and multiplayer games, with this trend projected to persist in the future. As a result, game creators are focused on device compatibility and efficiency. Simultaneously, changes in consumer preferences and a rise in levels of disposable wealth across the globe pave the way for widespread adoption of powerful gaming consoles with sophisticated functions such as record & share and cross-platform games.

Rise in Trend of Competitive Multiplayer Games

The market is booming due to more people favoring competitive multiplayer mobile games. The rise of esports has captivated a worldwide audience, with titles like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Call of Duty (COD) enjoying immense popularity. These games are played in a multiplayer format, making it possible for the player to play with his or her competitors and contributing to increased engagement. Moreover, the multiplayer form of play makes players feel as though they are achieving something by competing with others in real time. In-game purchases and character customization boost user engagement even more. The launch of Battle Royale games for mobile phones has had a significant influence on market growth. The surge in the number of video game players is primarily driven by the rapid expansion of mobile phone usage. The industry primarily offers processors capable of supporting games with advanced graphics and visual effects. Furthermore, one of the main reasons for the development of online multiplayer gaming is the rise in penetration of high-speed internet across the globe. For instance, in October 2022, Activision Blizzard Inc. unveiled Overwatch 2, the highly anticipated update to their beloved game. The release included free-to-play features and various monetization options, reflecting the growing interest in multiplayer gaming experiences.

Technological Advancements

As 3D, sound effects, augmented reality (AR), high-definition (HD) graphics, and virtual reality (VR) graphics have gotten more integrated, games have become more graphically sound and functional. They are more appealing and, as a result, can attract a large consumer base. Video games now feature lifelike graphics and sound effects, making them appear more realistic with enhanced visual and audio details. Developers are working on making games with more matter-of-fact graphics as technology develops from 8-bit resolution to 64-bit resolution. Technical advancements in game production have been continuous and rapid, leading to a tendency toward personalization and user-centricity. Advancements in resolution technology heighten customer engagement and favorability, driving rapid progress in the industry. Graphics for video games are adequate on high-definition monitors such as HD, FHD, UHD, and 4K.

High-definition televisions with 720p and 1080p resolutions have significantly raised the demand for more realistic games. For example, Apple claimed in October 2022 that its new 27-inch pro-motion external display would be available early the following year. This 5K external display includes Apple's Pro-Motion technology, which adjusts the refresh rate based on the situation and can reach 120Hz. Furthermore, improvements in Graphic Processor Unit (GPU) technology have enhanced performance, resulting in an impressive balance between performance and visuals when combined with advanced displays. For example, in November 2022, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) a subsidiary of the U.S. multinational Semiconductor Company, announced that they were releasing their next generation "RDNA 3" graphics card. The RTX 4090 graphics card is to be introduced ahead of the competition since Nvidia's direct competitor and high-speed GPU manufacturer has begun publicizing plans for its release.

The gaming and esports markets have seen significant growth in the past decade, fueling the rise of numerous esports leagues worldwide. Different corporations have sponsored teams across various esports leagues, aiming to draw individuals into the electronic gaming scene. This surge in esports has raised awareness of gaming and inspired young people to pursue it as a career.

Over the past five years, the gaming population has steadily expanded, averaging 17.6 million new participants annually, with a growth rate of 5%. This surge has propelled the demand for gaming accessories like keyboards and mice. India, particularly, has emerged as a promising esports market, driven by increased youth engagement with digital platforms. Gaming peripheral manufacturers are seizing this opportunity by partnering with Indian esports leagues to promote their products and highlight their unique features to consumers. The surge in growth of the esports industry is fueling the expansion of the video games market.

Cloud Gaming: A Huge Opportunity for Video Gaming Space

Cloud gaming, also known as game streaming, enables players to stream games via the Internet without needing high-end hardware. It works by running games on remote servers and transmitting them in real-time to the player's device, ensuring fast and responsive gameplay. This technology offers benefits like accessibility, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. Popular platforms include Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, GeForce Now, and Microsoft xCloud, offering a diverse range of games, from indie titles to AAA releases, playable on various devices. Improving internet infrastructure and the development of streaming technology has made cloud gaming more enjoyable. Cloud gaming truly has the potential to revolutionize the video game market, making games more accessible, enjoyable, and cost-effective for players.

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