The trend of remotely accessing and controlling electronics security systems through mobile devices is gaining prominence. Furthermore, open IT technology would be preferred over conventional systems as it provides more scalability, flexibility, and better functionality for specific applications. Shift to IP video from conventional video surveillance technology is inevitable as cameras having IP technology are easy to install and easy to use along with cost effectiveness. Allied Market Research has published a wide array of reports on electronic security industry that would help investors and businesses to determine changing market dynamics and gain stronger position in the market.

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Defense Tactical Radio Market Report

Global Defense Tactical Radio Market was valued at $7,978.5million in 2016, and is projected to reach at $17,874.1 million by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 11.9% from 2017 to 2023.


Industrial RT for Non-Destructive Testing Market Report

Industrial RT is a method of non-destructive testing for detecting defects/discontinuity in component or materials to avoid equipment failure. RT systems utilize gamma rays produced by a radioactive isotope or X-rays produced by an X-ray tube for non-destructive inspection or testing.


X-Ray Detector for Non-Destructive Testing Market Report

An X-ray detector is an electronic device that detects radiation of X-ray or gamma ray for imaging purposes. X-ray imaging is an important non-destructive testing (NDT) technique for products such as circuit boards, concrete parts, and metals. This technique is ...


Cable Conduit Systems Market Report

A conduit system is a set of tubes which enables the protection and routing of electrical wires in buildings, thereby providing a safe pathway for power and low-voltage communication. The structure of a cable conduit is mostly tubular, made of metals (stainless steel, galvanized steel, or aluminum) or non-metals such as plastic, and it can be either rigid or flexible.


IP Video Surveillance and VSaaS Market Report

IP Video Surveillance and VSaaS Market is expected to garner $61.3 billion by 2022, registering a CAGR of 18.8% during the forecast period 2016-2022. Internet protocol (IP) video surveillance refers to networked and digitized video monitoring. It is also referred ...


South Africa IP Video Surveillance and VSaaS Market Report

South Africa IP Video Surveillance and VSaaS Market is expected to garner $51.8 million by 2020, registering a CAGR of 16.1% during the forecast period 2014-2020. The South Africa IP video surveillance and VSaaS market is at an evolving phase. ...


Digital Signage Market Report

The report provides analysis of major brands, highlights weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threats. The data proves effective for business owners planning on designing their marketing and branding strategies.

  • Upcoming Date:Jun 2019
  • Price: $2350(US) $1880(Single User) (20%)

World Textile Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) Market Report

Textile testing, inspection and certification (TIC) is conducted to ensure quality & safety of textiles. The compliance to national & international standards of performance is compulsory for textiles. Textile testing is used to assess raw materials, monitor production, and test ...


2D Barcode Reader Market Report

The 2D barcode reader is an information interpreter, which is printed on products. These barcodes carry information about the product or service, which increases the efficiency of the business. Tickets, books, food products, parking services, and check-ins & check-outs are ...


Vision Positioning Market Report

At present, vision positioning system is one of the advanced positioning systems used globally for various applications such as jets, drones, self-driving cars, robots, space vehicles, and others. The demand for vision positioning system has increased exponentially in the last ...

  • Upcoming Date:Jun 2019
  • Price: $2350(US) $1880(Single User) (20%)
  • Upcoming Date:Jun 2019
  • Price: $2350(US) $1880(Single User) (20%)
  • Upcoming Date:Jun 2019
  • Price: $2350(US) $1880(Single User) (20%)

Warning Labels and Stickers Market Report

Warning labels and stickers are one of the common advertising and branding techniques in today™s world. A warning label is a certified notice from the manufacturer about the products specific details such as date of manufacturing, expiry, batch number, and ...


Retail Security Tags Market Report

Retail security tags are used to attach a single or multiple products to identify, track, and count products. These are used by various companies and retail outlets to count and trace products. These offer benefits, such as automation, cost efficiency, security, and accuracy, in tracking inventory through supply chain network and retail environment.


World Building Automation and Controls Market Report

The aim of building automation systems is to enhance an occupant�s comfort, reduce energy consumption as well as operating costs. The report covers market research, lighting control, security and access control.


World Cleaning Robot Market Report

Cleaning robot is an autonomous robot that cleans floor, windows, lawns, and others. It is employed in mopping, UV sterilization, and other purposes in household as well as industrial applications. It minimizes human efforts and saves time, economical and electricity. ...


World Home Security Solutions Market Report

The report segments the world home security solutions market based on products, solutions, home types and geography. On the basis of products, this market is segmented into electronic locks, sensors, cameras, panic buttons, and fire sprinklers & extinguishers.


Large Format Display (LFD) Market Report

Large format displays (LFDs) are designed to demand applications with high requirements for performance & durability. Commercial LFDs vary in size, functionality, price, and features.


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