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Steam Autoclaves Market

Steam Autoclaves Market Size, Share, Competitive Landscape and Trend Analysis Report by Product, by Technology and by End User : Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2023-2032

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Author's: | Roshan Deshmukh
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Steam Autoclaves Market Outlook - 2027

Steam autoclave is device that works on pressure which is utilized to sterilize various medical instruments and supplies by creating high pressure and elevating temperature than the ambient air pressure, to which various microbes cannot endure. These medical equipment are used for various purposes including surgeries, medical procedures and other applications. Portable steam autoclaves are manufactured from aluminum or hardened steel. The chamber in the autoclaves produces high pressure ranging 15 psi to 18psi with temperature variable from 121°C to 140°C.

Autoclaves play a pivotal role in sterilizing waste generated at healthcare facilities. Medical instruments including scalpel, scissors, forceps and others are contaminated after being used in surgeries and need sterilization in order to get rid of microbes, pathogens and steam autoclaves meet this requirement. The waste produced at healthcare facilities can be harmful for environment, especially bio hazardous waste, which needs to be disinfected. Steam autoclaves are commonly used in diagnostic labs, clinics, surgical centers, hospitals for sterilizing lab equipment, surgical instruments and hospital consumables.

 COVID-19 scenario analysis:

  • Due to outbreak of COVID – 19, lockdown implications are in place
  • There are restrictions on people getting out which includes production line workers as well
  • Few selective industries have been permitted to operate with 30% of workers which has hampered the production output
  • Restrictions on transportation have disrupted the supply of raw materials to the manufacturing sites, as industries are mostly working on their current inventory
  • The distribution channels have also been affected due lockdown amidst COVID-19 pandemic
  • Disposition of bio hazardous waste needs to be rapid and the waste cannot be stored for long, but the lockdown enforces disposition workers to limit their transportation
  • Due to diversion of medical field towards treating COVID-19, the funding to R&D activities related to steam autoclaves has been reduced and this segment have to face negligence subsequently causing negative impact on steam autoclaves market

Top impacting factors: Market Scenario Analysis, Trends, Drivers and Impact Analysis

Growth in the volumes of generation of medical and bio hazardous waste due to growth in hospitals, healthcare facilities, biopharmaceuticals firms, biologics research facilities and drug manufacturers is the key driver for growth of steam autoclaves. Growing prevalence of several diseases, treatment involving surgical interventions has been on rise. Furthermore, rising requirements for portable equipment used in sterilization would also propel the steam autoclave market growth. Also, owing to automation and upgradation in manufacturing process, the manufacturers are now able to offer steam customized steam autoclaves with variable volume sizes, thus promoting the acceptance of steam autoclaves in the healthcare industry.

Surge in the demand of steam autoclaves for management of rising volumes of biomedical waste would facilitate the development of steam autoclaves market in the coming years. The Medical Waste Tracking Act passed by the U.S, government in the year 1988, has set standard operating protocol for medical devices for handling and disposal of potentially hazardous biomedical waste. Furthermore, the regulatory authorities like Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Center for Disease Control (CDC), Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) in the U.S. have also emphasize proper disposal and containment of bio hazardous waste. The need for proper management and disinfecting of biomedical waste will stimulate the industry growth in near future.

On the contrary, high usage of disposable medical devices in Asia-Pacific region, extreme costs of steam autoclaves in emerging nations due to lack of manufacturers and dearth of skilled professionals for sterilization of medical instruments used in surgical procedures are the factors that could potentially hamper the growth of steam autoclaves market in the near future.

Rising incidences of hospital acquired infection to promote the growth

Owing to rising incidences of hospital acquired infections, increasing demand for efficient management of bio-hazardous waste and growing acceptance of central sterile supply department (CSSD) in healthcare settings would foster the market development. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities have been observed promoting and innovating their infection control protocol to reduce the cases of hospital acquired infections. The demand for maintenance of clean, sanitized, sterilized environment has been gaining popularity in the recent times in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. These factors are clinical in fuelling the demand for steam autoclave market in the near future.

Increasing number of hospitals and growing pharmaceutical sector

The number of hospitals, surgical centers, and clinics is rising day by day.  In a study conducted regarding the expenditure on healthcare globally was 10.4% of total GDP was spent on healthcare and this number would go on increasing with 10.5% spent in 2020. The rising number of hospitals is majorly seen in developing economies like India and China. This increase in number of hospitals would fuel the amount of bio hazardous waste generated and thus creating growth avenues for steam autoclaves market.

The pharmaceutical sector is experiencing tremendous growth. The sector has grown exponentially from USD 100 billion in 2017 to USD 1.2 trillion and is expected to reach USD 1.5 trillion by 2023 growing at a CAGR of 4-5%. Thus this growing sector will also produce immense amounts of bio hazardous waste which would need to be sterilized via steam autoclaves. China alone generates about 680,000 tons of medical waste each year, which requires disposable and disinfection. Such amounts of generated waste will in turn stimulate the market growth for steam autoclaves.

Key benefits of the report:

  • This study presents the analytical depiction of the global steam autoclaves industry along with the current trends and future estimations to determine the imminent investment pockets.
  • The report presents information related to key drivers, restraints, and opportunities along with detailed analysis of the global steam autoclaves market share.
  • The current market is quantitatively analyze to highlight the global steam autoclaves market growth scenario.
  • Porter’s five forces analysis illustrates the potency of buyers & suppliers in the market.
  • The report provides a detailed global steam autoclaves market analysis based on competitive intensity and how the competition will take shape in coming years.

Questions answered in the Steam autoclaves Market research report:

  • What are the leading market players active in the steam autoclaves market?
  • What the current trends will influence the market in the next few years?
  • What are the driving factors, restraints, and opportunities in the market?
  • What are the projections for the future that would help in taking further strategic steps?

Steam Autoclaves Market Report Highlights

Aspects Details
By Product
  • Vertical Steam Autoclaves
  • Horizontal Steam Autoclaves
  • Tabletop Steam Autoclaves
  • Floor Standing Steam Autoclaves
By Technology
  • Automatic
  • Semi-Automatic
By End User
  • Hospitals Diagnostic Laboratories
  • Surgical Centers
  • Research and Academic Institutes
  • Others
By Region
  • North America  (U.S., Canada, Mexico)
  • Europe  (Germany, France, Italy, Uk, Spain, Rest of Europe)
  • Asia-Pacific  (China, Japan, China, India, Australia, South Korea, Rest of Asia-Pacific)
  • LAMEA  (Brazil, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Rest of LAMEA)
Key Market Players

Eryigit Medical Devices, Astell Scientific, Hanshin Medical Company Limited, Consolidated Sterilizer Systems, Matachana Group, Hirayama Manufacturing Corporation (HMC), BMM Weston Ltd, CELITRON Medical Technologies, Getinge Infection Control AB, LTE Scientific Ltd

Key Market Players
Other Players

Medisafe International Inc

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Steam Autoclaves Market

Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2023-2032