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Software-defined Radio Market

Software-defined Radio Market Report

A software-defined radio is a radio communication device that replaces the hardware components installed on the radio by a personal computer program or embedded system.

Car Rack Market

Car Rack Market Report

The increasing adoption of compact vehicle in travel and tourism industry fueled the demand for car rack market. The car rack is a rack fitted on the roof of the motor car ...

Automotive Thermal Management System Market

Automotive Thermal Management System Market Report

Global automotive thermal management is integral to control the climate of the cabin and seats to enhance passenger comfort.

Vehicle Whiplash Protection System Market

Vehicle Whiplash Protection System Market Report

With rising number of accidents in recent years due to on road vehicles, the automakers are targeting more on enhancing the safety level in the vehicles.

Automotive Door Trims Market

Automotive Door Trims Market Report

Automotive door trims are the key components of the interior space of the door of a vehicle. Its main materials include kenaf, which has excellent CO2 absorbing properties, and plant-derived plastic, thereby ...

Heavy Commercial Vehicle Dashboard Camera Market

Heavy Commercial Vehicle Dashboard Camera Market Report

Heavy commercial vehicle dashboard cameras are a specialised, compact and portable onboard video recording camera which are placed inside of the vehicle & hence continuously records the view through the front windscreen. ...

Automotive Sun Visor Market

Automotive Sun Visor Market Report

Sun visor plays a vital role to maintain safety while driving a vehicle by protecting the driver and passenger from the sun’s glare. The temperature of the vehicle cabin can be maintained ...

Jump Starter Market

Jump Starter Market Report

The jump starter is used to boost the dead or discharged batteries of the vehicles by linking them with external energy sources. The jump starter also boosts a discharged or dead battery ...

Automotive Fender Market

Automotive Fender Market Report

The last few decades have seen significant improvements in the design and application of automotive fender in vehicles. Automotive fenders are a vital component in the vehicle. It is a metal covering ...

Automotive Hardtop Roof System Market

Automotive Hardtop Roof System Market Report

A hardtop is a rigid form of automobile roof system, which allows flow of fresh air and sunlight in the vehicle. Hardtop can also be segmented into retractable & non-retractable roofing system. ...

Automotive Traction Inverters Market

Automotive Traction Inverters Market Report

Automotive tractor inverters are crucial component in modern electric powertrains. The traction inverter is responsible to convert DC energy from vehicle’s on-board high voltage battery into three phase AC energy to drive the traction motor in drivetrain.

Disc Brake System Market

Disc Brake System Market Report

Disc brake system is placed on the braking system of vehicles under which calipers are used to squeeze the pair of pads against disc. Calipers create friction, which reduces the speed and ...

Electrical Park Brake (EPB) Market

Electrical Park Brake (EPB) Market Report

Electrical Park Brake (EPB) Market Electrical parking brake (EPB) is a hand brake of a car, which is used to keep thevehicle motionless by applying the brakes of the vehicle. It consists of a hand lever, which is connected with the rear brakes.

Bus Door System Market

Bus Door System Market Report

Buses are considered as the most common mode of public transportation in almost every country across the world. Since the evolution of the public transport systems, buses have had a strong place in mass transportation segment.

Passenger Car Windows and Exterior Sealing Market

Passenger Car Windows and Exterior Sealing Market Report

The passenger car window and exterior sealing system is one of the vital safety systems for the passenger vehicles.The sealing systems are majorly used to protect the interior cabin of the vehicle ...

Automotive Fifth Wheel Coupling Market

Automotive Fifth Wheel Coupling Market Report

The automotive fifth wheel coupling system refers to a vehicle connecting module used to connect a tractive unit to a towed unit. The tractor unit is normally categorized as tractive unit, however ...

Smart E-Drive Market

Smart E-Drive Market Report

The growing emphasis of automobile manufacturers to search for an alternative to fossil fuel to reduce carbon footprints is primarily driving the market for electric vehicles.

Heavy Commercial Vehicle Steel Wheel Market

Heavy Commercial Vehicle Steel Wheel Market Report

The steel wheel is a circular shaped rim which rotates and transmits the power for the movement of the heavy commercial vehicle. Heavy commercial vehicle steel wheel is an essential part of ...

Passenger Vehicle Steel Wheel Market

Passenger Vehicle Steel Wheel Market Report

Wheel is an essential part of a passenger vehicle, which are required to be tough and handle the weight of the car as well as the pressure caused by the axle. The ...

Scooter Tire Market

Scooter Tire Market Report

The tire is an integral and most important component in any vehicles. A tire surrounds the wheel’s rim and transfers a vehicle's load from the axle through the wheel to the ground. ...

Automotive Electric Vacuum Pump Market

Automotive Electric Vacuum Pump Market Report

Automotive electric vacuum pump is a device that is used to ensure the consistent operation of the braking power. It removes the gas particles from the sealed pump in order to make ...

Remote Starter Market

Remote Starter Market Report

The rising investment in research and development activities has enormously accelerated the innovation in the field of the automotive sector.

Automotive Dashboard Camera Market

Automotive Dashboard Camera Market Report

Dashboard cameras are specialised, compact and portable onboard video recording cameras that are placed inside of the vehicle & record the view through the front windscreen. The demand for these cameras has ...

Electric Passenger Car Lithium-Ion Battery Management System Market

Electric Passenger Car Lithium-Ion Battery Management System Market Report

Electric passenger car has gained a considerable consumer popularity & acceptance in the past few years. Major improvements in the performance of an electric passenger car such as high acceleration rate and long driving range after a single charge have been boosting the demand for electric passenger vehicle.

Marine Lighting Market

Marine Lighting Market Report

The marine lighting market is an indispensable part of the marine industry as the industry is highly dependent on lighting for its proper functioning and also for providing aesthetic appearance to ship. ...

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