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    Data centers are virtual or physical infrastructures comprising servers and related components including networking devices and hardware equipment used by organizations for remote storage, processing and distribution of large databases. Data centers require a cool environment to run successfully, as excessive heat generated from the processors can damage the systems and lead to data loss or interrupted flow of information.
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    Brain computer interface is also referred to as direct neural interface, synthetic telepathy interface, brain machine interface or mind machine interface. Brain computer interface (BCI) is a system that facilitates a direct communication channel between the brain and the peripheral devices, which are used to calibrate the movement in physically challenged individuals.
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    Fiber optic connectors are used for mating fiber optic cables with minimal loss of light. They are used for mechanical coupling and the aligning of core fibers to allow efficient transfer of light while providing high reliability, high return loss and low insertion loss. Also, they are used for termination of cables and its structure consists of connector body, cable, ferrules, and a coupling device.
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    Lawful interception activities are inseparable part of telecommunication. Such activities are practiced across the globe from several decades. However, the recent developments in the data based communications have unveiled new channels for lawful interception. The evolvement in networks, and increased telecommunication activities is driving the lawful interception activities. Moreover, the security threats to various nations due to rising terrorism activities and cyber-crimes are key factors that lead to lawful interception activities.
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    Digital Impression Stand Alone Scanners are the devices that capture accurate digital impressions of the components of visible hard and soft tissues. It is used as a substitute for conventional elastomeric material. Use of Digital Impression Stand Alone Scanners reduces the rate of error prone incidences associated with dentistry.
    Oct 2016 | View Details >>