Top 10 Markets in the ICT & Media Sector: 2023

Digital Technology Representation

The information and communication technology sector and the media industry have experienced massive growth in the past few decades or so. The technological advancements in these sectors are the primary drivers of this growth. The digital revolution kickstarted by semiconductor chips, advent of 4G and 5G technologies, birth of Internet of Things, and emergence of social media have completely transformed the ICT & Media industry. The huge investment in R&D activities has paid off and the rise of different markets in the ICT & Media sector has taken the sector forward. Allied Market Research, through its reports, has compiled a list of top 10 markets in the ICT & Media industry which pushed the expansion of the sector in 2023.

Smart Building

The report on the Smart Building Market has been touted by industry experts as one of the most definitive studies on the market which covers different aspects of the industry brilliantly. The report has covered all the major companies in the market, along with the promising startups that have come up in Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Along with this, the report also contains an in-depth study of regulatory guidelines for Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Construction Management Software

The Construction Management Software Market report is far from any average report that just covers the growth drivers and opportunities in the industry. This report also includes strategies adopted by the top companies in the industry which help industry professionals to get a clear understanding of how the leading players are overcoming the challenges in the industry. The digital transformation rate in construction industry in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Taiwan is also explored in this report. Furthermore, the detailed insights into each segment of the market make the report holistic and business friendly.

Big Data and Business Analytics

One of the most comprehensive reports ever published, this report covers the performance of the Big Data and Business Analytics Market in different countries including China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Argentina, Philippines, Malaysia, Columbia Russia, and South Africa. The level 3 segmentation of the industry provided in the report makes it unique from its peers. Also, the report offers details of the trends and developments in the industry to help businesses chalk out their strategies accordingly.

Visual Representation of Big Data and Business Analytics Market

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market report is one of our best offerings as it correctly touches upon every aspect of this dynamic market in detail. The report offers detailed insights into the leading players of the industry and the startups that have started operating in different countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Argentina, Philippines, Malaysia, Columbia Russia, and South Africa. The in-depth segmentation offered by the report on the lines of AI type, industry vertical, and business function further helps the industry professionals to full grasp the extent of this industry and take business decisions accordingly.

Cybersecurity in Energy

The Cybersecurity in Energy Market report sets itself apart from other market research reports in that it offers not just regular market numbers, but also provides details on regulatory compliance and innovative developments in the industry. The report also covers the product launches of the top 10 companies in the market and offers insights into level 4 segmentation on the lines of industry, service, and solution. The holistic study of the cyber security spending potential in end-user industries makes the report the perfect guide for businesses looking to establish their dominance in the industry.

Generative AI

The rising adoption of AI-based tools for various applications such as content creation and digital marketing has enhanced the importance of the Generative AI Market report. The report offers an in-depth analysis of the growth drivers, market restraints, and investment opportunities available to the businesses operating in this market. Furthermore, comprehensive information on each segment of the industry helps businesses understand the nuances and intricacies of the market and take bold decisions to capitalize on these opportunities.

Generative AI Portrait of a Human

3D Ceramic Printer

The 3D Ceramic Printer Market report offers an in-depth analysis of the different segments of the industry, along with the regional analysis. Moreover, the report also covers the volumetric data on the number of 3D ceramic printers sold in each segment and each country which helps businesses develop comprehensive understanding of the ground realities. The qualitative details with respect to technologies and end use verticals provides reliable market intelligence to industry professionals, thereby aiding them to compete with multinational corporations.

Virtual Humans

The Virtual Humans Market report classifies the industry into Interactive Digital Human Avatar and Non-Interactive Digital Human Avatar and covers both the types thoroughly. Furthermore, every end-use industry which employs virtual humans including BFSI, education, retail, healthcare, automotive, IT & telecommunication, gaming & entertainment, etc., are studied in detail. This comprehensive analysis aids industry professionals to gain actionable data, thereby enabling them to take a lead over their competitors in the industry.

Super Apps

The Super Apps Market report firstly offers a simple explanation of what Super Apps mean and what function do they perform. The report then analyses the growth drivers of the industry and lists the challenges and hurdles companies might face in the near future. Furthermore, the report highlights the opportunities in the industry which, if capitalized, will help companies overcome these challenges. A detailed study of the segments of the industry and regional analysis of the market is also provided in the report.

Human Interaction with Super Apps on Phones

Candidate Skill Assessment

The Candidate Skill Assessment Market report is one of the most comprehensive studies ever published as it covers the top 10 leading companies in every country of Europe. Furthermore, the report highlights the current market size and projected revenues of the industry. It also studies the major growth drivers, restraints, and opportunities in the market which helps businesses gain a correct understanding of their position in the industry. The competitive scenario in the industry helps companies to formulate their own strategies and develop plans to increase their footprint in the market.

To summarize, the ICT & Media sector has witnessed major transformation in the past few decades primarily due to major technological advancements. Allied Market Research helps businesses operating in this domain to grasp the changing dynamics of this industry, adapt to these changes, and capitalize on the opportunities offered by the domain.

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