Construction and Manufacturing: Top 5 Emerging Markets in Q1 2024 by Allied Market Research

The construction sector plays a vital role in driving the economic growth of a country. It is an investment-driven industry, garnering significant attention from the government. Government entities frequently engage with the construction industry to facilitate the development of infrastructure across various sectors such as health, transportation, and education. The construction and manufacturing sector is on the rise, driven by notable legislative actions and investments prioritizing infrastructure reconstruction, the advancement of clean energy initiatives, and the promotion of job growth and equity.

Allied Market Research has analyzed the top 5 emerging markets in the construction and manufacturing industry by using its Title Matrix Tool. To achieve this goal, the tool depends on a combination of research parameters, current events, Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) values, recent developments, and market revenue figures within the construction and manufacturing sector. Each of the top 5 markets identified undergoes a comprehensive analysis in their respective research reports. These reports delve into various aspects, including industry size and forecast, as well as key players within the sector. By offering both retrospective data and a futuristic outlook, these reports provide a detailed overview of each market, assisting investors in making informed decisions.

1. Electric Construction and Agriculture Equipment

The global electric construction and manufacturing market is expanding rapidly due to government initiatives to promote electric machinery and vehicles, advancements in battery technology, environmental consciousness, and shift towards sustainability. Due to these factors, the market is expected to generate $24271.2 million with a noteworthy CAGR of 21.1% by 2032.

The electric construction and agriculture equipment market research is strategically important due to the rising global focus on sustainability and carbon footprint reduction. Moreover, this market offers substantial opportunities for manufacturers and investors, driven by the increasing demand for electric alternatives in these sectors.

This report offers a detailed segmentation of the global electric construction and agriculture equipment based on electric fuel types, type, and battery capacity. It also highlights the highest revenue generating and fastest growing segments in each category. For instance, by capacity, the 75kWh up to 100 kW segment held more than half of the global electric construction and agriculture equipment market revenue in 2022.

The segmental analysis provided in AMR reports assists businesses in identifying key areas for investment within the market. Furthermore, this analysis assists companies in forecasting the future trajectory of the industry.

2. Nitrogen Generators

The global nitrogen generators market analysis is strategically vital because of its significance across various industries and its influence on operational efficiency, cost reduction, and product quality enhancement. The global nitrogen generators industry generated $8.1 billion in 2020 and is estimated to garner $14.6 billion with a notable CAGR of 4.8% by 2032.

The market is experiencing growth due to a rising demand across various industries for on-site nitrogen generation solutions. This trend is driven by cost-effectiveness, reliability, and the need for a constant nitrogen supply for various applications including food packaging, electronics manufacturing, and oil & gas.

The report also provides detailed regional analysis of the global nitrogen generators market. This analysis covers Asia-Pacific, LAMEA, Europe, and North America regions. It also discusses driving factors and market opportunities across the region. For instance, North America generated largest revenue in 2020. The manufacturing industry in North America is experiencing growth, driven by rising demand for domestically produced goods. As per the data released by the U.S. Department of Defense in October 2022, manufacturing constitutes 11% of the U.S. GDP and contributes to 60% of its total exports. Forecasts suggest that these figures are expected to increase in the future.

The regional analysis assists stakeholders to make well-informed investment decisions. It emphasizes the growth drivers and opportunities specific to each region, providing a comprehensive understanding designed to the distinct attributes of each area. These estimations deliver a brief idea of investment opportunities across particular regions.

3. Hydraulic Attachments for Demolition

The global hydraulic attachments for demolition market generated $4.1 billion in 2023 and is estimated to cite a growing Compound Annual Growth Rate of 5.6% with an absolute revenue of $7.1 billion by 2033. The growth is attributed to the increasing demand for efficient, safe, and versatile demolition equipment. This trend is propelled by factors such as urbanization, infrastructure development, environmental concerns, and the need for cost-effective and time-efficient demolition solutions.

Researching the hydraulic attachments for demolition sector is strategically important due to its integral role in the construction and demolition industry. The waste management and recycling segment is anticipated to showcase a growing CAGR of 9.2% by 2033. Increased demand for advanced equipment and rising emphasis on sustainable practices are fueling the growth of the segment.

Porter's Five Forces analysis of industry emphasizes the significance of financial factors in shaping businesses' growth strategies. Additionally, it highlights the influence of suppliers and buyers in enabling stakeholders to strengthen their supplier-buyer network and make profit-oriented business decisions.

4. Fiberglass Doors

A fiberglass door is a durable alternative to wooden doors, typically comprising three key components: the frame, core, and skin. The frame is commonly crafted from wood or a robust composite material. The core is filled with polyurethane insulating foam, offering both insulation and soundproofing properties. Constructed through impact-compression molding, fiberglass doors boast features such as moisture resistance, energy efficiency, resistance to dents, splinters, warping, and rust, enhanced security, and low maintenance requirements.

Exploring the fiberglass doors market holds strategic significance owing to its crucial role in the construction industry, providing benefits such as durability, energy efficiency, versatile design options, and low maintenance. The global fiberglass doors market report covers topics such as market size and growth projections, the key players and their market share, technological advancements in fiberglass door manufacturing, applications across residential and commercial sectors, the regulatory landscape, and an analysis of competitive pricing.

The report also offers a competitive scenario of the fiberglass doors market. This analysis covers top players and their winning strategies to sustain the competitive market. These strategies involve acquisitions, mergers, new product launches, collaborations, and partnerships.

The top entities profiled in the report include PLASTPRO, Trinity Glass International Inc., Stanley Black & Decker Inc., Kohltech, Taylor Entrance Systems, ETO DOORS, Jeld-Wen Holding, Inc, Steves & Sons, Therma-Tru Doors, Milgard Manufacturing LLC, Masonite, Bayer Built Inc., Assa Abloy AB, Master Grain, Pella Corporation, and Fibertec, Glass Craft. This information regarding leading players in the global fiberglass doors industry offers businesses invaluable insights for strategic decision-making.

5. AC Electric Motor

The growing demand for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly electric motor solutions is the key trend fueling the necessity for reports on AC electric motors. This trend is driven by factors such as the global focus on energy conservation, regulations advocating for energy-efficient appliances, and advancements in motor design and control technology.

The global AC electric motor market report is important due to the technological innovations in motor efficiency and control, increasing adoption of AC electric motors across various industries, customer preferences, SEO analysis to gauge interest and relevance, and regulatory electric motor

The report provides a detailed segmentation of AC electric motor industry based on end-user industry, output power, and sales type. Through the utilization of segmentation analysis, stakeholders can gain insights into the primary investment areas and identify lucrative growth opportunities within each segment.

Emerging Markets and Their Potential

AMR's analysis of the top 5 emerging markets in the construction and manufacturing sector for Q1 2024 offers a comprehensive examination of investment prospects, recent trends, and the competitive environment. These market reports serve as valuable tools for investors and stakeholders, enabling them to make informed business decisions. They include market size data in terms of value, along with regulatory analysis, Porter’s five forces analysis, and pricing analysis. The competitive landscape outlined in each report highlights key market players and their strategies for enhancing their market positions.

Increasing global emphasis on sustainability and reducing carbon footprint highlights the importance of the global construction and agriculture equipment industry. Moreover, research on the nitrogen generators sector is strategically crucial because of its relevance across a broad spectrum of industries and its significant impact on operational efficiency, cost savings, and product quality. The global hydraulic attachments for demolition work industry report is vital due to its effectiveness in the construction and demolition industry. However, benefits of fiberglass doors, such as durability, energy efficiency, design versatility, and low maintenance emphasize the importance of the global fiberglass industry report.

Summing up

The final deliverables of the reports include a thorough analysis of investment opportunities, recent trends, and the competitive landscape. These deliverables empower clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic market. Additionally, they enable clients to assess market opportunities, compare their strategies with competitors, and make well-informed business decisions.

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