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Automotive Thermoelectric Generator Market

Automotive Thermoelectric Generator Market Report

Automotive thermoelectric generator deals with conversion of heat into electrical energy, and isalso known as seebeck generator. Automotive thermoelectric generator is a solid state device that converts heat into electrical energy through a phenomenon referred asthe seebeck effect or thermoelectric effect.

Automotive Wheel Coating Market

Automotive Wheel Coating Market Report

Automotive wheel coating specializes in various special wheel coatings, which are manufactured by making a composition of different pigments, chemicals, and raisins. This coating protects the wheel against heat, wear &tear, break, dust, chemicals, and chipping.

Electrical Park Brake (EPB) Market

Electrical Park Brake (EPB) Market Report

Electrical Park Brake (EPB) Market Electrical parking brake (EPB) is a hand brake of a car, which is used to keep thevehicle motionless by applying the brakes of the vehicle. It consists of a hand lever, which is connected with the rear brakes.

Electric Vehicle Power Inverter Market

Electric Vehicle Power Inverter Market Report

Electric Vehicle Power Inverter Market Electric vehicle power inverter has wider application in electric vehicles. The inverter converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC), which allows to run electric vehicles motors. There are different types of inverters, which are used in electric vehicles such as soft switching inverter and traction inverter.

Disc Brake System Market

Disc Brake System Market Report

Disc brake system is placed on the braking system of vehicles under which calipers are used to squeeze the pair of pads against disc. Calipers create friction, which reduces the speed and ...

Global Headlight Control Module Market

Global Headlight Control Module Market Report

Headlight control module includes headlight lamps, which are attached in front of vehicles to illuminate the road. These headlights are installed in vehicles in different forms and perform different functions.

Hydrostatic Transmission Market

Hydrostatic Transmission Market Report

Hydrostatic transmission refers to the process of converting mechanical energy into pressure energy with the help of fluid-powered transmission system to generate high torque at low speed.

Light Weight Automotive Body Panels Market

Light Weight Automotive Body Panels Market Report

The lightweight automotive body panel market deals with automobile-based body panels, including door panels, roofs, bumper, lids, etc. These panels are made up of most conventional sources, such as iron and steel, which contribute to the overall automotive weight.

Trailer Assist System Market

Trailer Assist System Market Report

Trailer assist deals with the principle of parking a vehicle by assisting the driver to park or reverse the vehicle into parking. This system helps to minimize driving errors and also saves time.

Car Rack Market

Car Rack Market Report

The increasing adoption of compact vehicle in travel and tourism industry fueled the demand for car rack market. The car rack is a rack fitted on the roof of the motor car ...

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) System Market

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) System Market Report

With technological advancements, the overall driving experience has improved significantly, making it safer and driver-friendly. Similarly, the adaptive cruise control (ACC) system is one of the technological advancements which has eased the ...

Brake Caliper Market

Brake Caliper Market Report

The rising need for safety has accelerated the implementation of disc brakes in vehicle. The brake caliper has a vital role to play in disc brake system. The caliper is the covering ...

Road Marking Machine Market

Road Marking Machine Market Report

Infrastructural development plays a major role in development of countries and emerging economies. The rapid growth of emerging markets worldwide is creating unprecedented demand for infrastructure construction machineries. Accordingly, the demand for ...

Scooter Tire Market

Scooter Tire Market Report

The tire is an integral and most important component in any vehicles. A tire surrounds the wheel’s rim and transfers a vehicle's load from the axle through the wheel to the ground. ...

Seat Belt Retractor Market

Seat Belt Retractor Market Report

With rising number of accidents in past few years, the demand for safety features has raised. Seat belt is one of the safety features which safeguard the passenger and driver. Seat belts ...

Electric Vehicle Communication Controller Market

Electric Vehicle Communication Controller Market Report

Rise in income of middle-class families and improved standards of living in developing and developed countries have increased the sales of vehicles. Electric vehicle communication controller is a key component to support ...

Automatic Number Plate Recognition System Market

Automatic Number Plate Recognition System Market Report

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system is one of the advanced technologies which reads the vehicle registration number using optical character recognition. Since, modern vehicles require data for strong tracking, the importance ...

Automotive Air Intake Manifold Market

Automotive Air Intake Manifold Market Report

The automotive air intake manifold is a vital part of an engine that distributes air to the engine’s cylinders. The air intake manifold was used to take the fuel-air mixture from the ...

Automotive Blower Market

Automotive Blower Market Report

Automotive blower is an important component in vehicles. The blower is used for moving air from cabin to the outside or vice versa past heater core of air conditioner evaporator. The blower ...

Automotive Body Welded Assembly Market

Automotive Body Welded Assembly Market Report

Rise in income of middle-class families and improved standards of living in developing and developed countries have increased the sales of passenger cars. With increase in sales of the automotive sector, the ...

Automotive Door Frame Market

Automotive Door Frame Market Report

Growing urbanization and commercialization trend across several regions is driving the automotive door frame market growth. The automotive door frame serves as an interface between the exterior of the car and inner ...

Automotive Engine Management System Market

Automotive Engine Management System Market Report

Automotive engine management system has become a vital part of vehicle with increasing complexity in vehicles. Engine management system is a type of electronic control unit that controls the running of an ...

Automotive Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Coolers Market

Automotive Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Coolers Market Report

The negative effects of hazardous vehicular emissions have led to stringent emission regulations and emission standards. Moreover, the automotive exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) coolers play a vital role in improving emission standards ...

Automotive Fender Market

Automotive Fender Market Report

The last few decades have seen significant improvements in the design and application of automotive fender in vehicles. Automotive fenders are a vital component in the vehicle. It is a metal covering ...

Automotive Headlight Bulb Market

Automotive Headlight Bulb Market Report

The automotive headlight bulb is attached to the front of the vehicle with a purpose to illuminate the road ahead and provide better visibility while riding at night or in bad weather ...

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