Top 10 Markets in the BFSI Sector: 2023

Top 10 Markets In The BFSI Sector: 2023

The BFSI industry has undergone a huge transformation due to significant digital transformation, the increasing emphasis on digital security and privacy, and the increasing implementation of modern technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to reduce fraud detection, enhance risk management, and improve customer service. In 2023, the industry has experienced prominent growth, expanding its prominence across various regions and countries. The industry includes many markets that are majorly responsible for this remarkable growth. Allied Market Research has highlighted the top 10 markets belonging to the BFSI domain that gained remarkable recognition in 2023.

Travel Insurance

AMR has offered a unique selling proposition (USP) for the reports belonging to the travel insurance market, which is possible because of its team’s effort to provide tailored customizations. Along with the global report of this market, the company has also provided a comprehensive market share analysis specifically tailored for Australia and Canada. Moreover, the reports also include insights into major key players in the market, and their positioning within specific sub-segments, including insurance intermediaries, insurance companies, banks, insurance brokers, and insurance aggregators. Furthermore, AMR has also sold multiple copies of this report with 20+ leads.

Personal Loan

The reports on the personal loan market offer detailed insights into prominent players within the industry, shedding light on established giants as well as noteworthy startups in Saudi Arabia. Allied Market Research also provides dedicated regional and country-based reports that offer detailed information about SAMA regulations and the Saudi Arabia Personal Loan Market. To provide customized reports for high-profile clients, the company also provides five additional company profiles, enhancing the competitive landscape of the market.

BFSI BPO Services

The BFSI BPO services market reports include an in-depth market analysis that exhibits the intricate details of major players, encompassing both industry giants and emerging players. Furthermore, the reports also offer a dedicated country-level market report, emphasizing clients’ specific requirements such as requested market values and forecasts tailored to the Singaporean market. This shows that the reports also enhance the depth and relevance of the information provided.

BFSI BPO Services

Loan Management Software

Allied Market Research offers thorough reports on the loan management software market including comprehensive insights into key players, SWOT analysis, and market share data for the fiscal year 2022. The main aspect of these reports is their ability to offer insights catering to the specific client needs of the company’s high-profile clients. The company also emphasizes the competitive landscape of the market, encompassing 18 company profiles, precisely aligned with the customization requirements outlined by the client. Moreover, the reports also delve deep into a meticulous qualitative analysis of the government’s regulations impacting the loan management software market, describing the financial procurement lifecycle and processes. Furthermore, the esteemed team of AMR also provides an in-depth country-wise compilation of leading financial institutions in Europe.

Health Insurance Third Party Administrator

The health insurance third-party administrator market reports offer a wide array of quantitative details. Apart from providing global reports, Allied Market Research also offers reports covering insights into the Spanish health sub-systems. The reports also shed light on universal national health systems, collaborative mutuality linked with social security, and mutual funds tailored for civil servants, armed forces, and the judiciary. These market research-based reports also provide a qualitative analysis of the relationships between insurers and medical providers within the health insurance sector. In addition, the reports also highlight the market share analysis based on data from the financial year 2022.

health insurance third-party administrator market

Cash in Transit

Allied Market Research has received so many queries related to the cash-in-transit market, which helped us to convert a regional report, namely Europe cash-in-transit market. Through these reports, the company aimed to deliver valuable insights to the clients, covering both the top 10 players in each country and a detailed list, including names and sizes, of all players in the specified countries. This approach provides a holistic understanding of the domain. These reports also illustrate the current market size and projected revenues for the cash-in-transit industry in Europe, highlighting prominent drivers, restraints, and opportunities. Furthermore, the reports also delve into the key business segments of the market which can help stakeholders to gain knowledge about the competitors. Additionally, by highlighting top companies operating in Each European country and their respective total revenue generated from cash-in-transit services across the region. All such data can equip clients with a deep understanding of market dynamics, enabling them for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Open Banking

With the increasing digitalization in the financial sector and increasing adoption of API, the open banking market has experienced a huge transformation. The reports belonging to the sector are beneficial for the value chain of the financial services industry, including consumers, businesses, fintech companies, banks, and financial institutions. These days, AMR is experiencing exponential growth in the number of queries (20+), and clients call on this market. As per the growing requirements of clients, the company has started offering detailed segmentation and country-level analysis through its reports.

Gift Cards

The gift cards market is experiencing prominent growth due to the increasing trend for digital gifting options among users, especially corporate users. Furthermore, the rising use of gift cards as rewards & incentives and the growing consumer preference for experiences over tangible gifts have brought numerous growth opportunities for the market. AMR sold 30+ copies in the last year.

Extended Warranty

The increasing demand for protection plans against expensive electronic devices has created huge growth opportunities for the extended warranty market. Last year, AMR sold 25+ copies of the reports. Leads have been extensive, and the conversion rate has been above 65%.

Extended Warranty

QR Codes Payment

In recent years, the QR codes payment market has witnessed a significant rise in popularity, attributed to the growing trend towards digital payment solutions. These ground-breaking trends will gain traction among corporate users who increasingly prefer the convenience and efficiency offered by QR code payments. Most importantly, the ease of use and rapid adoption of QR code technology are the major factors that have driven the market growth.

The Bottom Line

In 2023, the BFSI domain has experienced robust growth globally. This is mainly due to the increasing demand for remote and contactless services, and the growing adoption of open banking models among many nations. AMR provides a plethora of reports with historic, current, and future insights to help businesses navigate challenges seamlessly. AMR reports provide information on trends, growth prospects, key players, and other aspects for clients to make informed business decisions. The reports include an in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape within the BFSI industry. The reports also include segmentation, regulatory landscape, Porter’s analysis, and geographical analysis, among the various aspects covered. For more information, feel free to talk to our experts today!

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