Top 10 Markets in the Semiconductor & Electronics Sector: 2023

Top 10 Semiconductor & Electronics Sectors

The SEMI sector has witnessed revolutionary transformation due to the increasing adoption of energy-efficient semiconductor manufacturing processes, the rising demand for AI-powered chips and transistors for cutting-edge devices, and the growing reliance on electronic components for advanced driver assistance systems. In 2023, the SEMI domain experienced marvelous growth. Allied Market Research has collated the top 10 markets in the SEMI industry that have seen exponential growth and opportunities in 2023.

Free Space Optic Communication

Allied Market Research has sold 25+ copies of reports belonging to the free space optic communication market to the leading players operating in the telecom industry. The company also received the highest number of inbound queries over 30 from the sales team in 2023. The team has also delivered challenging customizations throughout the last year.

Factory Automation

With the rising advancements in factory automation technologies, the factory automation market has experienced remarkable growth. The businesses belonging to this domain seek comprehensive insights to stay ahead in the competitive landscape and align with industry best practices. Furthermore, the reports also provide third-level segmentation at a global, regional, and country level as part of customization. Allied Market Research has sold over 17 copies of the report and received the second-highest number of inbound queries for this title in 2022.

Actuators and Valves

The actuators and valves market has gained prominence in the SEMI industry due to the increasing need for actuators and valves in industrial processes. The reports belonging to the domain also provide crucial information to the strategic decision-makers in this domain, offering a major analysis of the market share of key players, their adopted strategies, and insights into the latest technological integration for long-term competitiveness.

Factory Automation Industry

Cables and Wires for Aerospace and Defense

While performing research analysis of the cables and wires for aerospace and defense market, Allied Market Research has provided value, volume, and pricing analysis at a global, regional, and country level. The company sold two copies of the report and received 15+ queries on this title in 2023.

3D NAND Flash Memory

AMR reports mainly emphasize additional customization by providing market share analysis of key players in the market. The report on the 3D NAND flash memory market has also focused on the segments including product types, and country-level analysis. AMR has sold 15+ copies to date.

Transparent Conductive Films

The report on the transparent conductive films market offers a comprehensive analysis of the market dynamics, including trends, drivers, and challenges. Furthermore, as a part of providing customized reports to the clients belonging to the domain, this report includes cross-level segmentation and market share analysis of prominent players. This has helped clients adapt strategies in real-time and enabled them to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving market. AMR sold 10+ copies of the report in the last year.

Power Electronics

The report on the power electronics market offers a detailed analysis of the reports along with hardware and components segments. It has helped clients identify lucrative opportunities, assess potential risks, and expand their business by adopting new strategies. Allied Market Research sold one copy of the power electronics market and ranked seventh in terms of query received count i.e. 25+.

Power Electronics Industry

Artificial Intelligence Chip

Artificial intelligence chips, being a highly trending topic, have gained huge popularity in the SEMI industry. AMR 20+ copies of the report on the artificial intelligence chip market in 2023 and received 30+ queries on this title.


Along with offering market share analysis in terms of US$, the report on the connector market includes client customizations such as volume, pricing, and market share analysis of the key players. AMR sold 13 copies of the report in 2023 and gained seventh rank in terms of query count.

Connector Industry

Automotive Smart Windows

The report on the automotive smart windows market provides a comprehensive analysis of market trends, technological advancements, and competitive landscapes which empower decision-makers with informed choices that align with industry developments. Furthermore, the report also offers a tailored overview of the market share analysis of key players based on various segments including Type.


The SEMI industry experienced significant growth in 2023 because of the increasing demand for semiconductor components across various industries including aerospace, defense, and automotive to increase connectivity and smart functionalities for various applications. AMR reports help businesses in this domain identify key players, their market share, strategies, and product offerings and understand the competitive environment which is essential for companies to position themselves effectively and gain a competitive edge. For more insights, get in touch with our esteemed analysts today!

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