CONMA Industry Outlook Q1 2024: M&A, Product Launches, and Tech Advancements

The construction and manufacturing sector has been rapidly evolving over the years. Several leading companies in the domain and other industry participants are engaging in making alliances such as partnerships, collaborations, acquisitions, etc., with other businesses. Furthermore, some top industry players are coming up with cutting-edge innovations and technological advancements by making heavy investments. As part of the industry outlook, Allied Market Research analyzes the important alliances among the industry giants, along with groundbreaking product launches in the sector.

Mergers and acquisitions influencing the industry’s growth

The construction and manufacturing domain is very dynamic and has the presence of several multinational industries and companies. The sector is highly competitive, and to stay ahead in this evolving landscape, the companies have signed agreements with their peers.

In March 2024, Eskola, LLC, a leading provider of commercial and industrial roofing systems throughout the Southeastern United States announced its acquisition of J.R. Jones Roofing, Inc., a roofing, and waterproofing contractor headquartered in Houston, Texas. This acquisition allowed Eskola, LLC to strengthen its service reach, providing more and varied services to customers, advance resources, and enable the company to be at the forefront of the latest technology that is being developed to revolutionize the roofing and waterproofing industry.

In February 2024, Holcim, a global leader in innovative & sustainable building materials acquired ZinCo, a provider of advanced green roofing systems. Under this acquisition, ZinCo helped Holcim to expand its product portfolio by advancing the range of sustainable roofing systems with a well-established network across the value chain, from architects and developers to distributors and contractors. Such solutions brought more nature into cities, improving urban wellbeing from reducing heat island effects to enhancing air quality.

In January 2024, Palmer Johnson Enterprises, a leading distributor and service provider of drivetrain components for the industrial off-highway and marine markets entered an agreement with Continental Engines, LLC, a renowned distributor specializing in diesel engines and generators. Such continental acquisition is a significant step in Palmer Johnson's nationwide expansion and its commitment to diversifying its offerings within the off-highway equipment industry. By signing this agreement, the company also envisioned strengthening its position in the industrial and off-highway markets.

Innovations and partnerships shaping the contours of the CONMA domain

In the past few months, companies operating in this domain have increased their focus on innovations and partnerships to strengthen their position in the sector.

In February 2024, BCD Group, one of the largest and oldest realty conglomerates announced its partnership with ArisUnitern, a leading Bangalore-based real estate advisory firm. With this partnership, the companies together contributed toward fund flow management and offered advisory, or transactions. It also brought several investors together and proposed to develop cutting-edge construction solutions, providing well-rounded services across the project development value chain. With over 10 decades of experience, ArisUnitern brought expertise across the real-estate development cycle including investment, strategy, operations, sales, construction management, CRM, etc.

Again, in February 2024, Garbe Industrial Real Estate GmbH, a leading company that owns, operates, and develops real estate properties entered a joint venture with Logicenters, leading provider of modern logistics properties. By signing this contract, Garbe Industrial aimed to build Europe’s largest logistics hall made of pure timber. The company envisioned a modern logistics property suitable for third-party use on the site. The property is equipped with 26 dock levelers, and nine sectional doors. The site offered parking spaces for 70 cars and twelve trucks, 42 bicycles in the outer area.

Moreover, in January 2024, Accenture PLC, a US multinational professional services company partnered with Mujin, a leader in intelligent robotics for manufacturing, logistics and supply chain operations established Accenture Alpha Automation, a joint venture for the manufacturing and logistics industries. This new venture helped companies automate their management infrastructure with data-driven solutions that seamlessly combine data from manufacturing and logistics operations with management data. Mujin provides intelligent automation solutions for industrial sites to deploy industrial robotics systems without the typical complex advance settings and integration.

Product and service launches that are expanding the scope of the domain

Many prominent construction and manufacturing players have launched innovative products and services to attain a global position in the industry.

In February 2024, Trex Company, the world’s largest manufacturer of wood-alternative decking and railing and the leader in high-performance, low maintenance outdoor living products announced the launch of a comprehensive collection of Trex-branded deck fasteners and accessories. Trex Hideaway Fastener Collection offers solutions for every composite deck fastening and finishing need such as color-matched screws and plugs, depth setters, engineered bits and clips. Furthermore, Trex Hideaway Butt Joint Clip is designed specifically to ensure perfect alignment and a strong connection without the hassle of additional joists and fasteners. Such collections are meticulously researched and engineered to make installation easier and more efficient.

Also, in February 2024, PlanHub, a leading preconstruction software platform introduced its innovative General Contractor Directory for Subcontractors to enhance connection opportunities within the construction industry. The GC Directory for Subcontractors is a forward-thinking solution that provides subcontractors with direct access to an ever-growing network of over 32,000 active GCs. This feature allowed users to view all general contractors in their chosen areas along with enhanced general contractor profile cards for improved networking strategy.

Furthermore, in January 2024, Applied Motion Products Inc., launched its new product, namely, M5 servo motor line for high-throughput and cost-effective motion control. M5 series have novel magnetic design that yields high-power density and low cogging torque and is available in choice of low-, medium-, and high-inertia options that facilitate motion profile matching for optimized performance. The M5 servo motors can handle 300% overload torque, enabling fast acceleration and offering integral brake options across the series. The M5 series is made with a wide choice of motor power and encoder cables of varying standards, offering easy installation.

Technological advancements creating massive opportunities in the domain

Along with profitable alliances, and product launches, technological advancements by top companies in the domain have also played an important role in elevating the industry’s growth.

In March 2024, Caterpillar, the world's leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment announced a new update to its Cat® PM300 series that features multiple design enhancements to improve machine performance, operating comfort and milling power. The PM series excels in small and medium applications where a compact, highly maneuverable machine with high production capabilities is required. The latest PM300 models integrate with Cat C9.3B engine that delivers an increased gross power and more available torque, based on standard performance testing.

Moreover, in February 2024, Matterport, Inc., the leading digital twin platform to access, understand, and utilize properties announced its partnership with Arcadus, a leading reseller of digital transformation products and services to offer a digital twin platform to its customers in the United States. Under this partnership, Arcadus became the first value-added reseller of Matterport’s digital twin platform for the public sector, offering the company’s three core solutions in Property Marketing, Design & Construction, and Facilities Management.

In January 2024, ECM PCB Stator Tech, a groundbreaking electric motor design platform declared the public release of its its PrintStator Motor CAD SaaS, a SaaS application that fundamentally transformed the way electric motors are devised and manufactured. By incorporatingadvanced cloud-based interface, , PrintStator enabled users get dial-in precise performance and dimensional specs to create electric motor solutions for multiple verticals including Consumer Electronics, HVAC, E-Mobility, Medical, Robotics, Aerospace, and more.

Some other notable breakthroughs in the domain

In March 2024, MOONS’ Industries, the leading developer of high-quality motion control products announced the launch of its unit in the UK to offer a wide range of DC motors and actuators to serve their customers better. Its Slotless Brushless DC motors include 11 types of winding with the ø16mm series of slotless BLDC motors available in short, long and XL versions with 3 different power outputs, however, its Coreless Brushed DC motors provide excellent performance and easier control.

Again, in March 2024, Everest Industries, a leading provider of robust fiber cement roofing solutions introduced its new project aiming to provide optimal substitute for natural wood and wood-based products. The company’s fiber cement boards and panels are equipped with advanced machines and controls to ensure product quality. In the same month, the company also manufactured Rapicon Wall Panels to enable faster construction of interior walls compared to traditional methods.

In January 2024, BlackRock, an American multinational investment company acquired Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP), a leading infrastructure investor. With this acquisition, the companies aimed to invest in various construction projects including ports, power, and digital infrastructure projects.

Opening promising aspects of growth: How did the CONMA domain perform in the first quarter 2024?

With rapid urbanization, several developed and developing economies have adopted efficient and sustainable construction and manufacturing practices to meet the growing demand for several construction activities across the globe. This has paved the way for the development of cutting-edge constriction equipment and accessories in the domain. To cater to the growing demand for effective construction solutions, several leading companies in the industry have made beneficial alliances such as acquisitions, partnerships, and collaborations. They have also actively supported groundbreaking technological advancements and innovations that enabled the sector to make a good start in 2024. In addition, with the continuous research and incorporation of modern technologies, the industry is predicted to experience exponential growth in the years to come.

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