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3D Scanner Market Report

3D scanner is an electronic device that identifies and analyzes a real-world object and collects data on its geometric shape or appearance with a view to display digital 3D models on a ...

Structural Electronics Market Report

Structural electronics is the most significant technological development in recent years, which involves electronic and electrical components and circuits that act as load-bearing, protective structures, replacing structures such as vehicle bodies or conformably placed upon them. Structural elements with electronics and electrical functionality are referred to as structural electronics.

Flatbed Scanner Market Report

A scanner that provides a flat glass surface for scanning to hold a sheet of paper, book, or any other object is called a flatbed scanner. Head of the scan is moved ...

Space Radar Market Report

Space Radar is a space-borne radar system that is integrated with spacecraft, aircraft, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to provide real-time terrain and land cover information about the earth and planetary system. ...

X-ray Inspection System Market Report

An X-ray inspection is a non-destructive inspection process that uses radiography and is primarily used for detection of CUI (corrosion under insulation). These inspection techniques cover a wide range of sectors from inspection of cracks in materials to detection of external matter into materials, such as automotive, food, and pharmaceuticals.

3D Project Market Report

3D projector is experiencing a significant extension in the market and their demand is increasing globally.

Digital Holography Market Report

The global digital holography market share is experiencing a significant growth and is expected to grow considerably in the next few years. Digital holography is a technology of interferometry imaging. It makes ...

3D Cameras for Healthcare Market Report

3D cameras have become one of the very important equipment for the healthcare industry. 3D plays an important role in image processing application. 3D cameras offer more realistic and detailed images as ...

Inline Metrology Market Report

Inline metrology means scanning, measuring and controlling all things inline while a part is in motion. It means reliable, automated, fast and non-destructive measurements that are fully integrated into a production line for comprehensive process control.

Sensor Patch Market Report

Sensor patches help diagnose and monitor condition of an individual and as they are type of adhesive patches. These operate using small electric current and it does not pierce the skin.

Printhead Module Market Report

Printhead module is a part of a printer that transfers data or images onto media such as paper. It is powered by a precision stepper motor so that tooth belt can be moved and thus printhead module transfers ink onto the paper or fabric drop by drop.

3D Projector Market Report

A 3D projector is used to make images and videos appear real by mapping 3D data on to a 2D surface and creating an illusion of depth. Thus, it allows viewers to ...

Micromachining Market Report

Micromachining is the technique carried out for fabricating 3D and 2D structures on micrometer scale. Earlier watch parts were considered to be micro components, however, owing technological advancements, micro components were introduced ...

Smart Manufacturing Devices Market Report

The global smart manufacturing devices market size is experiencing a significant growth, and will grow considerably in next few years. Smart Manufacturing Devices are the devices that use internet connected machinery which ...

Optical Microscope Market Report

Optical microscope uses visible light and lenses to magnify small images and is also known as light microscope. It is widely used to view dead or living samples by the scientific community. ...

Surface Inspection Market Report

The global surface inspection market is experiencing significant growth and is expected to grow considerably in the next few years. Surface inspection examines the existence or the absenteeism of features that remain ...

3D Audio Market Report

The global 3D audio market is experiencing significant growth and is expected to grow considerably in the next few years. 3D audio sound is an acoustic system which is used to provide ...

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