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With increase in demand, manufacturers are focusing on introducing new features with the help of technology. Advancements in technology such as microchips & components, automation, and emergence of smartphones enable companies to fulfill demands of users. Telematics have made geo-fencing, navigation, and two-way communications simpler in the automotive industry. In coming years, automotive electronic devices would be smaller, versatile, and robust to provide high information storage capacity and greater processing power. Allied Market Research has published a variety of reports on the infotainment, navigation, and telematics industry that would help stakeholders to make better decisions and gain stronger position in the market.

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Driver Monitoring Systems Market

Driver Monitoring Systems Market Report




Telematics Market

Telematics Market Report




Automated Parking Management Systems Market

Automated Parking Management Systems Market Report

A fully automated parking management system can mechanically park and retrieve a car from the parking space. The demand for this system has witnessed significant growth due to increase in demand for ...

Automotive Dashboard Camera Market

Automotive Dashboard Camera Market Report

Dashboard cameras are specialised, compact and portable onboard video recording cameras that are placed inside of the vehicle & record the view through the front windscreen. The demand for these cameras has ...

Automotive Ethernet Market

Automotive Ethernet Market Report

Automotive ethernet connects various automotive applications such as advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), infotainment system, powertrain, and chassis. It supports high bandwidth operation at high speed. Moreover, it also reduces labor and ...

Self-Driving Car Market

Self-Driving Car Market Report

Self-driving cars are the vehicles that are capable of sensing the environment around and manoeuvring safely with a little or even no human support. These vehicles are installed with various sensors such ...

Global Motorcycle ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) Market

Global Motorcycle ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) Market Report

Motorcycle advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) is an advanced active system, which is specifically designed for a safe human-machine communication in traffic, thereby, enhancing the safety of the motorists in the driving ...

Automotive Over the Air (OTA) Market

Automotive Over the Air (OTA) Market Report

Automotive over-the-air (OTA) service is a mode for the carmakers to upgrade various applications such as engine control unit and infotainment software in the vehicles. OTA software eliminates the requirement to visit ...

Automotive Voice Recognition System Market

Automotive Voice Recognition System Market Report

Voice recognition system is a human-machine interface that identifies the words spoken by the passenger & converts them into machine language. The system then delivers a detailed information response via the infotainment ...

Fully Automated Parking Management Systems Market

Fully Automated Parking Management Systems Market Report

A fully automated parking management system can mechanically park and retrieve a vehicle from the parking space. Fully automated system is used for a vehicle capacity of above 100 cars. The system ...

Heavy Commercial Vehicle Real-Time Parking System Market

Heavy Commercial Vehicle Real-Time Parking System Market Report

Real-time parking management system is an intelligent and effective system which helps the driver to find a safe & secure parking space for the heavy commercial vehicles. The parking system uses advanced ...

Semi-Automated Parking Management Systems Market

Semi-Automated Parking Management Systems Market Report

A semi-automated parking management system can mechanically move a vehicle to the parking space, however parking and retrieving a car from the parking requires help from the attendant or the driver in ...

Passenger Car Real-Time Parking System Market

Passenger Car Real-Time Parking System Market Report

Real-time parking system is an intelligent parking system for the passenger cars which helps the driver to find a safe and secure parking space, indicated by displaying a sign on the infotainment ...

Motor Racing Telematics Market

Motor Racing Telematics Market Report

Motor racing telematics is a combination of telecommunications and informatics that thoroughly describes the use of communications and information technology to exchange and store information from telecommunications devices to remote objects over ...

Motorhome Vehicle Market

Motorhome Vehicle Market Report

Motorhome vehicleis also known as recreational vehicle, which is used majorly in vocational activities and several others such as camping, recreational, travel, or seasonal use.It isclassified into two types, motorhomes and towable. ...

Vehicular Communication Systems Market

Vehicular Communication Systems Market Report

The vehicular communication system transmits data between motor vehicles through a wireless medium. This data includes the activities of the vehicles such as their location, speed, direction of travel, loss of stability, ...

Light Commercial Vehicle Real-Time Parking System Market

Light Commercial Vehicle Real-Time Parking System Market Report

The real-time parking management system uses advanced technologies such as in-ground sensors, radio detection & ranging (RADAR) and light detection & ranging (LIDAR) to detect the presence of available parking slot for ...

Electronic Information Security Market

Electronic Information Security Market Report

Electronic information security consists of all the services and systems that use embedded technology and electronic devices to enhance safety measures to protect data and physical assets of the organizations. Electronic information ...

L4 Autonomous Driving Market

L4 Autonomous Driving Market Report

The autonomous driving is the future of mobility and automakers are investing heavily for its development.

Motorcycle Infotainment Market

Motorcycle Infotainment Market Report

The motorcycle infotainment market is a combination of hardware and software that is utilized to provide audiovisual information to the rider.

Automotive Rear View System Market

Automotive Rear View System Market Report

The main function of the automotive rearview mirror is to give the driver a clear vision of all the objects to the side or rear of the vehicle. To ensure safety, manufacturers ...

Car Reversing Aid Systems Market

Car Reversing Aid Systems Market Report

The parking sensors are proximity sensors required in vehicles to assist the driver for hassle-free safe car parking in various places as required. The reverse aid systems are installed in the car’s ...

Shared Mobility Market

Shared Mobility Market Report

Shared mobility is a commuting service, wherein organizations arrange commercial vehicles to provide commuting service from one place to another. The owner of a number of commercial vehicles provide its fleet to ...

Solar Boat Market

Solar Boat Market Report

Solar boats are operated with battery power and have solar panels for charging the battery. Solar boats are eco-friendly boats that are free from noise, vibration, and exhaust gases. Solar boats have ...

In-Vehicle Computer System Market

In-Vehicle Computer System Market Report

The in-vehicle computer systems are designed to perform multiple in-vehicle functions. Some of these functions include infotainment, fleet management, telematics, video surveillance, and taxi dispatch and law enforcement. Increase in connectivity services ...

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