Energy companies are showing interest in building combined heat & power or cogeneration facilities. As energy efficiency of plant increases and emissions reduce to significant amount, cogeneration has become a trend in energy and power companies. State and federal governments are providing grants for cost-effective and eco-friendly cogeneration projects. Combined heat and power utilities offer different ways to save money as well as uses independence of distributed generation. Allied Market Research has a variety of reports on combined heat & power market that would help businesses & investors to understand the current scenario and make decisions for the future.

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World High Voltage Capacitors Market-Report

The report segments the HV capacitor market on the basis of geography and applications. On the basis of geography, the market is further segmented into South America, North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

  • Upcoming Date:May 2018
  • Price: $3456(Online Only)

World Combined Heat Power Market-Report

The method of generating heat and electricity simultaneously is referred to combined heat and power generation. This is done through burning various fuels such as oil, natural gases and bio fuels. The analysis in this report provides current and future ...

  • Upcoming Date:May 2018
  • Price: $3456(Online Only)

World Micro Combined Heat & Power Market-Report

Combined heat power generation is the generation of heat and electricity simultaneously. This is done through burning fuels such as natural gas, oils and biomass. Micro combined heat power generation is the scaled down version of CHP methods. The reason ...

  • Upcoming Date:May 2018
  • Price: $3456(Online Only)

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