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Technological innovations in energy efficiency and conservation market, such as virtual audits, energy management software, and data crunching abilities would play vital role in shaping the industry. Better IT deployment, educating customers about conservation & efficiency, and adjusting utility incentives would bring a significant change in coming years. New products have been launched to engage customers and link both demand response & efficiency. A wide array of reports has been published by Allied Market Research on energy efficiency & conservation market that would help businesses & investors to understand the current scenario and make better decisions for the future.

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Smart Homes, Buildings (Energy Efficient, Automated) Market Report

The global smart homes and buildings market is expected to grow at a significant CAGR of 29.5% between 2013 and 2020. This is attributed to rising energy costs and government initiatives. Some ...

World Smart Water Management Market Report

Smart water management is the next big thing due to the rising water scarcity and need for water conservation around the world. Various organizations and governments across the globe are under immense ...

World Energy Efficient Motor Market Report

Factory automation is being increasingly adopted by manufacturers in order to improve production capacity while simultaneously minimizing errors, process time and hazardous environmental effects. This acts as a driving force for the ...

World Home Energy Management Systems Market Report

Adoption rate of HEMS home energy management system rises owning to the need for reducing energy consumption. Home energy management market exhibits strong growth in the home monitoring system market.

World Building Energy Management Systems Market Report

BEMS market size increases to encourage economical energy utilization. BEMS market are seen collaborating with utility enterprises. Building energy management systems market size increases in North America.

World Gasification Market Report

The world gasification market is segmented based on application, type, feedstock and geography. The applications covered in the market research report are chemicals, gas fuels, power and liquid fuels.

World Busbar Market Report

Busbar consists of a strip of conductor made of aluminum or copper, supported by insulators that can connect the electrical loads and power supply in an integrated electrical network. It has a range of applications majorly in switchgears, distribution panels, switchboards and any establishments that require the consumption of electric power.

World Air Quality Control Systems Market Report

Air quality control systems are essential for maintaining a healthy indoor and outdoor environment. Air contains harmful and toxic pollutants emitted from industries such as cement manufacturing, power generation, chemical processing, oil ...

World Environmental Monitoring Market Report

The environmental monitoring market is driven by factors such as rapidly growing global population, development of policies & initiatives aimed to reduce environmental pollution caused to air, soil, and water.

Digital Oil-Field Market Report

Digital oil-field (DOF) technology uses advanced IT technology to enhance crude oil production and increase profitability in the oil & gas industry. It consists of sets of workflows that allow fast execution of collaborative tasks midst distributed teams to give more optimal and profitable results.

Solar Cell Films Market Report

Solar cell films are also known as thin-film solar cells. A thin-film solar cell is a second-generation solar cell consisting of one or more thin layers, or thin film (TF) of photovoltaic ...

Nuclear Waste Management Market Report

Nuclear wastes are generated during various operations of the nuclear fuel cycle. Moreover, industries such as mining, nuclear power generation, and various chemical processes in industries, defense, medicine, and scientific research produce ...

Renewable Energy Certificates Market Report

The renewable energy certificate system (RECS) is a procedure for international trade in renewable energy certificates that was created by RECS International to promote the development of renewable energy. Moreover, in this ...

Environmental Testing Market Report

Environmental testing focuses on determining the amount of contaminants in the natural environment and identifying their impact on all life forms. Currently, release of large amounts of artificial and natural waste substances ...

Coal to Liquid Fuel Market Report

Coal is an essential fuel utilized globally to generate electricity, while petroleum fuels are commonly utilized in vehicles. Moreover, coal and petroleum fuels majorly possess carbon (carbon-carbon bond (C-C)) hydrocarbons), which makes ...

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