Top 10 Markets in the Automotive Sector: 2023

Top 10 Markets in the Automotive Sector: 2023

Over the past few years, the automotive industry has experienced substantial growth, propelled by technological advancements, a heightened demand for personal transportation, and shifts in the global economy. Allied Market Research has analyzed the top 10 markets contributing to the expansion of the automotive sector. These markets have undergone significant transformation due to the integration of the latest technologies and the advent of automation.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

This study was initiated in response to client requirements, with the primary focus on comprehending the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle market size concerning the technology penetration of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells and Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cells. Furthermore, the analysis involved a detailed examination of fuel station storage solutions, tank designs, a comprehensive list of key tank manufacturers, and specific information on cylinder volumes.

Truck Platooning

This report was challenging to complete because the market and product development were still in their early stages. The most challenging aspect was understanding different types of platooning, including Driver-Assistive Truck Platooning (DATP) and Autonomous Truck Platooning. The team successfully obtained information by conducting thorough primary interviews with industry experts involved in both product development and implementation stages.

Low-Speed Electric Vehicles

As user preferences evolve, consumers are increasingly inclined to acquire low-speed vehicles for various applications. The stakeholders in the ecosystem are eager to comprehend the demand for low-speed electric vehicles across different applications, including golf courses, tourist destinations, hotels and resorts, airports, and residential premises. As this data is based on usage, capturing and extracting this data required in-depth mapping and interaction with users and the same process was followed by the team to gather the data.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

This information proved valuable for one of our clients, leading to a request for AMR to deliver a detailed mapping of mobility vehicles. One of our clients found this information useful and asked AMR to provide a comprehensive mapping of mobility vehicles, which included customized datasets for each vehicle application based on country, price range, and end-use.

Automotive Seat Climate System

One of our clients came up with the name while we were talking about the adoption of technology in the automotive industry and how the automotive seat climate system will be in high demand in the coming years. The team was able to deliver the syndicate and challenging customizations within a short duration and received a testimonial from the client too.

Battery Management System

This is a trending title and has brought a lot of traffic to our website. We also delivered it to one of the leading manufacturers in the ecosystem where we have provided a detailed qualitative customization of the Battery Management System: analysis on Energy Storage. The client also came back for another report in the domain with customizations. There have been double-digit leads received on the report in just the last quarter.

Golf Carts

The golf cart market title is currently trending high and has generated a huge amount of interest and queries. The report has sold over 25 copies and 11 customizations. The team has been delivering challenging customizations since the report has gone live on the website.

Golf Carts

Container Handling Equipment

It was a challenging title and being a niche one, the open platform was not helpful. The data was sourced from paid databases and industry input and involved tremendous effort on primaries. With the growing demand in the logistics industry, the container-handling equipment market will continue to be in high demand.

Automotive Carbon Fiber

As emission standards continue to increase, manufacturers are increasingly concerned about vehicle weight. Advancements in new materials are the top priority for manufacturers. The automotive carbon fibre market was a difficult title to use as most of the data was not accessible on the open platform and most of the data came from paid databases as well as input from industry professionals.

Electric Vehicle Motor

The electric vehicle motor market was a client-based project and has a lot of scope for growth in the years to come. The report has sold over 20 copies and leads have been pouring in since the time of the report going live on the website. The team has also delivered challenging customizations in tight schedules.

Electric Vehicle Motor

Car Sharing

Car sharing is one of the most popular titles with the idea of sharing mobility and connection. The report has been trending high and receiving 10+ queries daily. The report also has a high conversion rate.

In the coming years, the conventional automotive industry is estimated to transform into the broader domain of the mobility industry. Allied Market Research assists top entities as well as new entrants in the industry through its reports. The drivers, restraining factors, and opportunities of each market are deeply analyzed in the respective report. This will help key players to sustain the dynamic industry and market competition.

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