Banking sector is witnessing fundamental shifts in the way it has engaged customers and earned their trust. The industry dynamics is driven by innovative business models on marketplace lending, advancements in blockchain technology and emerging trends in investment management. Banks, especially public sector banks in emerging nations, are hard pressed to contain their profit margins and earn customer trust by offering superior customer service. The advancements in technology has led to digitization of branches. Allied Market Research reports offer insights into key industry dynamics, prominent trends, portfolio mix of top banks, and the factors that shape up competitive landscape scenario.

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Note Sorter Market-Report

Note Sorters are used as sorting units that facilitate the management of notes for cash-intensive businesses. Implementation of note sorting machines reduces the human efforts wasted during the processes of counting and sorting. These products establish automated cash handling process for notes and enable time & cost saving for the organization by delivering error-free results.

  • Publish Date:Jan 2018
  • Price: $3690(Online Only)

Coin Sorter Market-Report

Coin sorter is used as a sorting unit to facilitate the management of cons for cash intensive businesses. Implementation of coin sorting machines reduces the human efforts wasted during the processes of counting and sorting. These products establish automated cash-handling process for coins and enable time & cost saving for the organization by delivering error free results.

  • Publish Date:Jan 2018
  • Price: $2795(Online Only)

Safes and Vaults Market-Report

Safes and Vaults Market are integrated security products developed to facilitate the safety of valuable assets in case of high-risk situations. These products establish a technologically secure environment that helps in the protection of monetary assets, arms and ammunition, documents, ...

  • Publish Date:Nov 2017
  • Price: $3540(Online Only)

Online Banking Market-Report

The online banking market size is expected to reach $29,976 million in 2023 from $7,305 million in 2016, growing at a CAGR of 22.6% from 2017 to 2023. Digital banking includes all kinds of online/internet transactions done for various purposes. It is the incorporation of new technologies, to deliver enhanced customer services.

  • Publish Date:Jul 2017
  • Price: $3690(Online Only)

Prepaid Card Market-Report

Prepaid Card Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 22.7% from 2016 to 2022. The market accounted for $896 billion, and is expected to reach $3,653 billion by 2022. The base year considered for the study is 2015, and the forecast period is 2016-2022.

  • Publish Date:Mar 2017
  • Price: $4176(Online Only)

Neo and Challenger Bank Market-Report

The neo and challenger bank market has witnessed healthy growth rate in terms of customer base over the past few years, and is expected to witness optimistic growth in the near future. The market is expected to grow at a ...

  • Publish Date:Jan 2017
  • Price: $2500(Online Only)

ATM Market-Report

ATM Market (Automatic Teller Machines Market) is expected to garner $21.9 billion by 2020, registering a CAGR of 7.7% during the forecast period 2015-2020. Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs), introduced in developed countries during the late 70s, were cash dispensers, helping customers conduct a wide array of financial transactions.

  • Publish Date:Mar 2016
  • Price: $4176(Online Only)

Asia-Pacific ATM Market-Report

Asia-Pacific ATM Market is expected to garner $7.9 billion by 2020, registering a CAGR of 10.7% during the forecast period 2015 - 2020. Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) have evolved from just cash dispensing machines to multifunctional equipment that provide not ...

  • Publish Date:Mar 2016
  • Price: $2785(Online Only)

Open Banking Market-Report

Open banking is a banking service in which the bank account data is shared through secured open Application Programing Interface (APIs). This type of service provides convenience to the customers or businesses that can manage their wealth more effectively. With ...

  • Upcoming Date:Jul 2018
  • Price: $3456(Online Only)

Currency Sorter Market-Report

Currency sorter is a very frequently used tool in the financial sector. The currency sorter machine is utilized to simplify tedious tasks such as sorting large bundle of notes or coins in a bunch, thus avoiding unnecessary time wastage in ...

  • Upcoming Date:Jul 2018
  • Price: $3456(Online Only)

Solar Powered ATM Market-Report

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is an electronic machine, which delivers banking solutions and services to customers of a bank by placing the card in the machine. To meet the varied requirements of customers and bankers, solar powered ATMs are launched ...

  • Upcoming Date:Jul 2018
  • Price: $2490(Single User)

World Remote deposit capture Market-Report

Remote Deposit Capture, also known as Corporate Capture, Merchant Capture, Image Deposits, etc., is a non-physical check deposit service provided by banks. This technology is at its developing phase. The process of remote deposit includes issuing of check by a bank, scanning of the check, and transmission of the scanned image/ACH-data to the bank.

  • Upcoming Date:Jul 2018
  • Price: $3456(Online Only)

World Prepaid credit card Market-Report

Prepaid credit cards though termed so, are not exactly credit cards, as they provide no credit to the cardholder. The card allows the customers to spend money that they have already deposited in the account concerned. These cards are powered ...

  • Upcoming Date:Jul 2018
  • Price: $3456(Online Only)

World Neobanking Market-Report

Neobanking is a novel banking technology that provides complete online banking solutions to its customers. These banks differ from traditional banks, as they have no physical offices and branches. Neobanking allows everything from opening an account to other services, without ...

  • Upcoming Date:Jul 2018
  • Price: $3456(Online Only)

World SOHO Mobile Banking Market-Report

SOHO mobile banking market refers to mobile banking activities conducted in Small Offices or Home Offices. As per recent findings, one fourth of the SOHO market showed interest in checking account packages offered through mobile banking. U.S. comprises of approx. ...

  • Upcoming Date:Jul 2018
  • Price: $3456(Online Only)

World Predictive Analytics in Banking Market-Report

Data mining is a thing of the past; today, business entities need real-time access to customer and business related information, in order to take early and better decision. Predictive analytics in banking sector is a new technology to derive customer ...

  • Upcoming Date:Jul 2018
  • Price: $3456(Online Only)

World Mobile Banking Market-Report

Mobile banking is a system developed by financial institutions that allow the customers to conduct certain financial transactions through their mobile. At present, there are approx. 53 million active users of mobile banking in the U.S. Earlier, mobile banking was ...

  • Upcoming Date:Jul 2018
  • Price: $3456(Online Only)

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