Salient Events in the Food and Beverages Industry in Q1 2024 That Opened New Avenues of Growth for the Sector

events in the food and beverages

The food and beverages sector is a dynamic industry with several stakeholders competing for dominance. Apart from the actions taken by these stakeholders, this sector has evolved due to certain influential events that have taken place in the first quarter of 2024. Along with this, reputed private and public institutions in this sector have also organized seminars, conferences, and trade expos that have presented the sector with new growth opportunities. Allied Market Research has extensively studied these events, conferences, and seminars, and their impact on the sector.

NRF 2024: Retail’s Big Show

Held between 14th-16th January 2024, NRF’24 was one of the biggest events in the food and beverages industry with more than 170+ industry experts, retailers, and organizations coming together to discuss ideas and share case studies. The event took place at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York City, and included workshops, educational sessions, and store tours which helped participants gain an in-depth knowledge of the sector. The event also featured discussions on important topics, enabling companies operating in FMCG, dairy, functional foods, and other such industries to understand the intricacies of their domains.

Dairy Forum 2024- Elevate

An annual event dedicated to dairy industry leaders, Dairy Forum-Elevate was held in Phoenix, Arizona between 21st-24th January 2024. More than a thousand industry leaders attended the event and shared their experiences of working in the sector. The panel discussions, conferences, and special presentations helped these industry leaders to connect. The event featured discussions on topics like personalized nutrition, sustainable market practices, and the latest developments in the industry.

Health & Wellness Japan 2024

The 42nd edition of Health & Wellness Japan was held at Tokyo Big Sight East Halls, Tokyo, Japan between 26th-28th February 2024. Organized by Informa Markets Japan Co., Ltd., the event was attended by around 500 exhibitors and more than 40,000 visitors. The event offered exhibitors an opportunity to showcase their products from different segments including health foods and supplements, functional foods, organic food items, wellness products, and cosmetics.

Annual Meat Conference 2024

Beer Wine & Spirits Summit 2024

The 21st Beer Wine & Spirits Summit was held at Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego, California between 14th and 16th January 2024. The Summit focused on the different issues, trends, and opportunities faced by the industry players in the beer sector and was attended by all the important stakeholders in the industry including brewers, wineries, wholesalers, retailers, marketers, and investors. Important topics such as marketing strategies, demographic trends, pricing mechanisms, and distribution networking were discussed at length by these stakeholders at this summit.

Direct to Customer Wine Symposium 2024

Held on January 17-18, 2024, the Direct to Customer Wine Symposium 2024 was attended by industry giants and thought leaders of the wine industry. The event featured speeches from the industry’s top suppliers, workshops, sponsor sessions, and sales and marketing conferences. Leading multinational giants of the red wine industry such as TUBES Wine & Spirits USA, Wineshipping, Wine Institute, and many more sponsored the event and participated in the conferences that were part of the event.

Annual Meat Conference 2024

One of the biggest conferences in the meat sector, the Annual Meat Conference 2024 was hosted by the Food Industry Association (FMI) and Meat Institute in Nashville, Tennessee. The conference focused on three important topics such as food safety, health & wellness, and animal safety. The event took place between March 18-20, 2024, and was attended by trading partners and industry participants from the meat sector and many of its associated domains, including the meat retail industry and processed meat industry. The main event in this conference was an education program that helped industry players study the consumer and industry trends of the sector.

World Tea Expo

Natural Products Expo West 2024

The Natural Products Expo West 2024 was held between March 12-16, 2024, in Anaheim, CA USA. Leading industry players and companies in the natural food and drinks industry attended the expo to showcase their products and attract buyers. The expo covered all major themes of the sector including natural and organic products, specialty foods, healthy foods and supplements, and other lifestyle products.

International Pizza Expo 2024

Considered as the largest pizza show in the world, the International Pizza Expo 2024 was held between March 19 - March 21, 2024, at Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada. Several pizza professionals attended this expo which featured educational events, conferences, and national competitions. The expo helped the industry participants gain important knowledge regarding the latest trends in the industry, along with insights into the strategies adopted by their competitors in the sector.

World Tea Expo 2024

The World Tea Expo 2024 was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada between 18-20 March 2024. The expo was attended by major stakeholders of the industry, including retailers, tea shop owners, restaurant operators, health & wellness professionals, etc., The expo helped these stakeholders understand the tea industry better and develop strategies to tackle the latest trends in the industry with innovative solutions.

VKD Seminar- “Naturally to a strong immune system”

On 23rd January 2024, the Association of German Chefs e.V. organized an online training course "Naturally to a strong immune system" which focused on using immune-boosting nutrients in daily cooking for better absorption of vitamins and minerals. Fabienne Forgács was the main speaker at this seminar, which helped viewers gain an understanding of the increasing preference for immunity-boosting foods.

VKD Seminar- “Anti-inflammatory diet”

The online training course “Anti-inflammatory diet” was organized by the Association of German Chefs e.V. on 13th February 2024. The online course focused on how nutrition can help reduce inflammation and alleviate the pain associated with inflammatory diseases. Hosted by Fabienne Forgács, this seminar helped participants understand the causes and symptoms of inflammatory diseases, along with a comprehensive study of dietary plans that could prevent and fight inflammation.

VKD Seminar- “Food allergies and intolerances”

Organized on 4th March 2024 by the Association of German Chefs e.V., the VKD seminar on food allergies and intolerances delved into the subject through four modules- food allergies, lactose intolerance, fructose malabsorption, and celiac. Extensive discussions took place on each of these topics which helped the participants gain an in-depth knowledge of the different kinds of food allergies and intolerances.

Winter Fancy Food Show 2024

The 48th edition of the Specialty Food Association's Winter Fancy Food Show took place between January 21-23, 2024, at Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada. More than a thousand specialty food and beverage companies attended this camp to showcase their products. The camp was a big success as many companies were able to bag attractive deals with big investors and venture capitalists.

Winter Fancy Food Show 2024

China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition 2024

The largest food additives and ingredients show in Asia, the China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition 2024 was held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai, China from 20 to 23 March 2024. The camp offered a much-needed platform for industry participants to showcase their products and attract customers from across the globe. The show also featured discussions on the latest trends and innovations in the food ingredients industry.

AAHAR – The International Food & Hospitality Fair 2024

Hosted by India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO), the 38th edition of the International Food & Hospitality Fair took place from March 7-11, 2024, at Bharat Mandapam Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India. The trade fair helped companies to reach out to clients, investors, and potential customers by showcasing their products. Moreover, new entrants to the industry gained insights into the strategies adopted by the big companies to dominate the sector.

Understanding the impact of events, conferences, and seminars on the food and beverages sector

Events like NRF 2024 and Dairy Forum 2024 have played a crucial role in helping companies get a clear understanding of how the food and beverages sector will pan out in the coming period. Additionally, conferences such as the Beer Wine & Spirits Summit and Annual Meat Conferences have educated the industry participants on the evolving nature of the industry and the changes they need to make in their strategies to establish their supremacy. Thus, such events, seminars, trade expos, and conferences offer equal opportunities to both established players and new entrants in the sector.

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