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The energy & power sector is influenced by various factors such as highly volatile oil prices, rise in environmental concerns, and changes in regulations. We provide reports that help manufacturers develop a clear understanding of various strategies adopted by leading players in the sector. In addition, it helps assess new market opportunities by offering a detailed account of rapidly emerging trends and intense data to support.

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World Electrostatic Precipitator System Market-Opportunities and Forecast, 2014 - 2022 Report

Electrostatic Precipitator System Market report by size discloses industry see rapid growth in Asia -Pacific. Study that also explores the market share and trends shows industrial power demand would grow.

Europe Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Market Report

Flue Gas Desulfurization(FGD) market study weighs up on the segments and services occupying major market share. Iron & Steel Industry would create greater opportunities during the forecast period 2014 � 2020.

World Shunt Reactor Market Report

Power transmission & distribution network forms the backbone of optimal performance of industries in any economy. As the demand for energy increases globally, stakeholders have increased their investments in improving the infrastructure ...

Thermoplastic Pipe Market Report

Thermoplastic pipes have unique properties such as flexibility, excellent chemical resistance, low installation cost, high mechanical strength, greater flow and rust resistant features. Owing to above unique properties, these pipes are preferred over metal pipes and considered as the best option for oil and gas offshore drilling practices.

South America Recloser Market Report

Recloser is a fault detecting device which guards the power system against service interruption by automatically opening and re-establishing the line in case of short circuits. The device prevents disruption of transmission service due to temporary faults occurring in an overhead power distribution system.

World Industrial Insulators Market Report

Industrial insulators are used to create air gap for ensuring an effective insulation between two or more conductors.

World Distribution Feeder Automation System Market Report

Automation process of power distribution feeders in a distribution network is very essential to achieve uninterrupted & faultless power supply and enhance the power distribution network across the world.

World Coiled Tubing Market Report

A coiled tubing (CT) refers to a long metal pipe, which is normally used in oil & gas fields for well interventions or sometimes as a production tubing in depleted oil and ...

World Hydraulic Power Unit Market Report

The hydraulic power unit (HPU) is a package consisting of various components such as hydraulic motor & pump, reservoir/accumulators and other accessories such as filter, valves, tubes, regulators, and instruments used to monitor the performance of a hydraulic system.

World AC Drives Market Report

The report segments the AC drives market on the basis of voltage, power rating, applications, end-user industry and region. On the basis of voltage, the market is segmented into low voltage & medium voltage.

World Drilling and Completion Fluids Market Report

Drilling and completion fluids are used mainly in drilling tasks and to perform several activities. Often, referred as drilling mud the drilling fluid is actually a composite fluid. The fluid mixture contains clay, chemical and water.

World Fuel Cell Technology Market Report

The fuel cell technology market is segmented based on applications, types and geography. The applications covered in the market research report are stationary, transport and portable.

World Gasification Market Report

The world gasification market is segmented based on application, type, feedstock and geography. The applications covered in the market research report are chemicals, gas fuels, power and liquid fuels.

World Completion Equipment and Services Market Report

Completion equipment and services are essential to complete the drilling process of an oil & gas well so that the production can begin.

World Converter Transformer Market Report

Converter transformer is a special-transformer which is designed for offering high-current low voltage solutions for industrial applications. Converter transformers have widespread applications for large drive applications.

World DC Drives Market Report

Rapid urbanization & increasing pace of industrialization are the key factors boosting the growth of the DC drives market. The high cost of DC technology is a key factor that hampers the growth of this factor.

World Dosing Systems Market Report

The general awareness of energy efficient systems along with government patronage is a key factor that drives the growth of the dosing systems market.

World Busbar Market Report

Busbar consists of a strip of conductor made of aluminum or copper, supported by insulators that can connect the electrical loads and power supply in an integrated electrical network. It has a range of applications majorly in switchgears, distribution panels, switchboards and any establishments that require the consumption of electric power.

World Dry Type Transformer Market Report

Dry type transformers consist of devices that use air instead of any liquids to cool the electrical coils. Fire-resistant dry type transformers are in high demand as they are required to be installed in high-rise buildings, steel factories, underground tunnels, hospitals, school, chemical plants, and other places ensuring safety from fire.

World Fault Current Limiter Market Report

Fault current limiter (FCL) minimizes the occurrence of fault currents and is a vital protection component in modern T&D networks to function properly.

World Low Voltage Cable Market Report

Low voltage power cable forms an essential component for secondary distribution of power at voltage less than 1 kV. Different types of low voltage accessories include fittings and fixtures, cable joints, cable terminations, among others which are used for cable installations in overhead and underground installations.

World Motor Soft Starter Market Report

Motor soft starter is used to minimize the inrush current formed during motor start up thereby enhancing efficiency and prolonging the shelf life of motors. Soft starters have widespread applications across different industries such as oil & gas, mining, and power generation industries.

World Generator Circuit Breakers Market Report

Generator circuit breakers are electrical devices used in multi-unit stations between a generator and the step-up voltage transformer where a number of relatively small generators are connected to a common bus.

North America Well Completion Equipment and Services Market Report

Completion equipment and services are essential to complete the drilling process of an oil & gas well so that the production can begin. The completion equipment and services involve various steps, such as well casing, tubing, and installation of well head and lifting equipment for successful gas & oil production.

World Motor Control Centers Market Report

Motor control center is a collection of either one or more sections enclosed and has a common power bus. These centers play an eminent role in increasing productivity and minimizing the operating costs.

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