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Grow Lights Market Report

The global grow lights market is experiencing a significant growth, and will grow considerably in the next few years. Grow light technology aids in prolonging the hours of the natural daylight which ...

Flexible OLED Market Report

OLED (organic light emitting diode) is the latest and emerging technology that facilitates displays, which are efficient and beautiful. Flexible OLED’s are developed by using flexible substrates such as flexible glass and ...

Mortgage Funds Market Report

Globally, the market for mortgage funds has experienced considerable growth, and is expected to expand as mortgage rates rise year-on-year and largely favors mortgage backed securities in the market. Mortgage fund is ...

Bulb Market Report

Bulb is an object enclosing the wire filament, which is heated until the bulb glows. From the various incandescent bulbs to fluorescent bulbs to the utmost improvised version of LEDs, bulbs are ...

QLED Display Market Report

QLED (Quantum dot light emitting diode is an advanced display technology that uses photo luminescent quantum dots to emit light. Quantum dots are nanoscale crystals that can transmit electrons when exposed to ...

Commercial Display Market Report

Commercial display is a sub-segment of electronic displays that can be managed both centrally and individually with a view to display text, animation, or video messages to audience globally. Commercial displays use ...

Architectural LED Lighting Market Report

Architectural light emitting diode (LED) lighting is a fusion of art and technology, which is concerned regarding the design of natural or electrical lighting systems in various patterns and formats through illumination ...

High-K and ALD CVD Metal Precursors Market Report

Atomic layer deposition (ALD) is a thin-film deposition technique based on the sequential use of a type of chemical vapour deposition process using two chemicals called precursors or reactants which react with ...

LED Video Wall Market Report

LED video walls are an array of light-emitting diodes (LED) display panes integrated on a single pane to provide an amplified landscape to the viewer. It comprises of multiple computer monitor, video projector or TV sets tilted or overlapped in order and designed to release more light than commercial-grade digital signs.

Mobile LED Display Market Report

Mobile LED Display is a thin electronic display screen made of plastic, glass, or other flexible substrates and make screens foldable and lightweight. Such devices make screen of these devices resistant and ...

Plasma Etching Equipment Market Report

Plasma Etching equipment is a type of plasma processing device that is used in fabrication process during manufacture of semiconductor devices. This equipment works on the plasma etching technique, which is used ...

Display LSI IC Market Report

Display LSI IC is an integrated semiconductor circuit, which offers interface feature between microcontrollers, microprocessors, ASIC or general-purpose peripheral interfaces and a particular type of display unit. This LSI IC usually receives ...

Display Material Market Report

Display material is a surface, which is used in various devices such as mobile devices, media players, digital cameras, and in televisions. Rise in need of displays for various applications, surge in screen size, and innovations in display technologies are the factors expected to drive the display material market growth.

Seven Segment Display Market Report

Seven segment display is an output display system that offers a substitute to complicated dot matrix displays to display information in the form of image or text, or decimal numbers. It is extensively used in digital clocks, basic calculators, electronic meters, and other electronic devices displaying numerical information.

Structural Electronics Market Report

Structural electronics is the most significant technological development in recent years, which involves electronic and electrical components and circuits that act as load-bearing, protective structures, replacing structures such as vehicle bodies or conformably placed upon them. Structural elements with electronics and electrical functionality are referred to as structural electronics.

Molded Interconnect Device Market Report

Molded interconnect devices (MID) are injection-molded thermoplastic part with integrated electronic circuit. These 3-dimensional electromechanical components are molded with circuits using high temperature thermoplastics and the structured metallization, which opens new dimension of carrier circuit design to electronics industry.

Power Electronics Module Market Report

Power electronics module is an electronic device that provides physical containment for power semiconductor devices properly interconnected to form high voltage drive circuit to draw high power performance from either IGBT or ...

Vehicle for Disabled Market Report

The global vehicle for disabled market includes automotive designed to be used by disabled people who find it difficult to drive or to move from one place to other. This category of vehicles provides easy mobility solutions to disabled person by providing them a compatible and new technology design for safe driving.

Hybrid Chip Market Report

A hybrid chip is a miniaturized electronic circuit consisting of individual parts, such as passive components (e.g. resistors, transformers, inductors, and capacitors), semi-conductor devices (e.g. diodes, transistors, or monolithic ICs), and bound to a surface or a printed circuit board (PCB).

Ambient Lighting Market Report

Ambient light is typically perceived as the preliminary point for a room or space. It makes up the amount of lightat the core of a room. It is the foundation used by designers, engineers, and contractors to start looking at the best way of lighting a room.

Smart Lamp Market Report

Smart lamp is an energy efficient lighting system. This may involve high-efficiency fixtures and automatic systems that allow changes based on factors such as the availability of occupancy or daylight.

Connected (Smart) Street Light Market Report

Connected (Smart) street light refers to public street lighting, which adapts to movement by cyclists, pedestrians, and cars. It is also referred to as adaptive street lighting that brightens when movement is ...

Video Door Phones Market Report

Video door phones are provided with both outdoor and indoor elements and are the devices which enable visitors to be viewed before they are addressed. The indoor element is provided with an ...

Foldable OLED Display Market Report

The global foldable OLED display market size is experiencing a significant growth and is expected to grow considerably in the next few years. Foldable OLED is a developing display technology, which facilitates ...

Field Emission Display Market Report

The global field emission display market size is experiencing a significant growth and is expected to grow considerably in the next few years. A field emission display (FED) is a flat panel ...

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