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Safety and security systems market includes equipment and services that aid to surveillance and prevention of potential hazards in a business or private space. Major areas of consumer demand emerge for fire safety (detection & prevention), video surveillance, access control (authorized access), security (foreign intrusion detection, perimeter protection, and encrypted signaling), and biometric recognition (passenger scanning and cargo assessment). The reports published by Allied Market Research scrutinizes industry trends from recent past to forecast its future growth patterns. They take into account pipeline business verticals to present an insight into operational patterns. A detailed analysis of key drivers and limitations contributing to market expansion reveals profitable opportunities.

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Collision Avoidance System Market

Collision Avoidance System Market is a safety awareness or a warning system designed to reduce the severity of a collision. Such systems are widely used in automobile and mining sectors to avoid accidents. It is also known as pre-crash system, ...

  • Publish Date:Nov 2017
  • Price: $5370(US) $4296(SU)

Active Seat Belt System Market

Seat belt is a safety system used widely in vehicles to ensure safety of its occupants against sudden halt or collision. It aids to keep the occupant fastened to its seat and avoids fatal injuries that may result from collision ...

  • Upcoming Date:Feb 2018
  • Price: $5370(US) $4028(SU)

Collision Avoidance Sensor Market

Collision avoidance sensors are safety systems, which are designed to detect obstacles in the path and reduce the risks of accidents. These systems are based on the principle of SONAR used in submarines and ships. They are extensively used in ...

  • Upcoming Date:Feb 2018
  • Price: $5370(US) $4028(SU)

Automotive Endpoint Authentication Market

An endpoint authentication mechanism is used to verify/track the identity of external devices connected to a network, thereby ensuring the connectivity of only authorized endpoint devices. An endpoint authentication is of vital importance for networks that have flurry of remote ...

  • Upcoming Date:Feb 2018
  • Price: $5370(US) $4028(SU)

Automotive Window Display System Market

Automotive window display system also known as the heads up display (HUD) or active glass is any transparent display that provides necessary and useful information to the driver. The driver can gather information, such as the speed of the car, ...

  • Upcoming Date:Feb 2018
  • Price: $5370(US) $4028(SU)

World Transportation Security Technology Market

The significant increase in the transportation security market is due its advanced security methods. The constant need of public safety, massive infrastructural development and business continuity are some of the major drivers for the growth of this market. A huge ...

  • Upcoming Date:Feb 2018
  • Price: $5370(US) $4028(SU)

Seat Track Position Sensors Market

Much like seatbelt buckle sensor ICs, seat position sensor ICs commonly use a vane interrupt style of sensing to determine what zone, along the seat track, is the seat positioned. It includes a magnet and a unipolar, Hall-effect switch on either side of the seat track.

  • Upcoming Date:Feb 2018
  • Price: $5370(US) $4028(SU)

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