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Agriculture & Agri Products   
Agriculture and agri products industry is considered to be an extension of agriculture. The advancements of agro products have played a vital role, in not only stabilizing but also making agriculture highly lucrative. This has created job opportunities both at manufacturing and marketing field. Market watchers indicate that the broad-based advancements of such products would enhance the physical and social setups worldwide. Allied Market Research studies closely track the manufacturing technology situation and industry advancements for agri commodities and published different reports. Important factors price monitoring, prominent vendors, drivers, opportunities and more are assessed during these studies. Extensive outlook for prospects and income remains the important part of the studies.
No. of Reports : 5

Aquaculture Market

  • Aquaculture Market
    The global aquaculture market size was valued at $169 billion in 2015, and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% to reach $242 billion by 2022. The market encompasses environment type, fish type, and geographical division. The environment ...
Published Date:
Dec 2016

Asia-Pacific Fish Oil Market

  • Asia-Pacific Fish Oil Market
    Fish oil has emerged as an ideal health nutrient for animals and humans, owing to the high concentration ...
Published Date:
Jun 2015

Fish Oil Market

  • Fish Oil Market
    Fish oil is derived from the tissue of oily fish species and contains a high percentage of long chain omega 3 fatty acids, such as EPA and DHA, which are essential nutrients for both humans and animals. Fish oil is ...
Published Date:
May 2015

World Fishery Machinery Manufacturing Market

  • World Fishery Machinery Manufacturing Market
    Growing awareness regarding the benefits of incorporating fish into regular diet and the growth of the aquaculture market are the major factors fuellingthe growth of the fishery machinery market. Fishes contain omega-3 fatty acids and are a rich source of protein which helps in lowering blood pressure. Fishery machineryhas facilitated the process of raising or harvesting fishes.
Upcoming Date:
Mar 2017

Commercial Seaweeds Market

  • Commercial Seaweeds Market
    The commercial seaweeds market in this report is classified into type, form, application, and geography. The market for commercial seaweeds is driven mainly by increase in awareness about the benefits and medicinal uses of these seaweeds.
Upcoming Date:
Mar 2017

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