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Naval Artillery System Market

Naval Artillery System Market Report

Naval artillery system deals with artillery, which is mounted on a warship and is used in naval warfare. Naval artillery system refers to tube-launched projectile-firing weapons and excludes self-propelled projectiles such as torpedoes, rockets, and missiles. Several countries use artillery systems in their defense forces.

Rubber Tracks for Defense and Security Market

Rubber Tracks for Defense and Security Market Report

Rubber tracks are special purpose vehicle equipment, majorly used for over landing drives or off-road drives to achieve better stability on varied terrains and surfaces.

Aerospace Parts Manufacturing Market

Aerospace Parts Manufacturing Market Report

Aerospace parts such as aero engines, turbines, jets, and engine propulsion systems& others need to be manufactured constantly as and when the need arises.

Aerostat Systems Market

Aerostat Systems Market Report

An aerostat is an aerodynamically structured tethered balloon containing a lighter than air gasses such as helium, hydrogen, and hot air gasses, which generate a large part of the lifting force.

Aircraft Weighing Scales Market

Aircraft Weighing Scales Market Report

Aircraft weighing devices are used to measure various aspects related to the weight of different parts of the aircraft attributing to the overall gross weight of aircraft.

Airport Sleeping Pods Market

Airport Sleeping Pods Market Report

Passengers use the airport sleeping pods to relax between aircraft. Passengers may generally be split into several groups: those who arrive, those who leave, and those who move from one place to another.

Defense Cyber Security Market

Defense Cyber Security Market Report

Various developments in information technology, updating existing equipment with intelligence, surveillance, and growing amount of sensitive data obtained from different networks have demanded that the defense industry use secure and improved cyber security solutions.

Electronically Scanned Arrays Market

Electronically Scanned Arrays Market Report

In definition, an electronically scanned array usually means a phased array, i.e., an array of antennas generating beams and rays of radio waves.

Enhanced Vision System Market

Enhanced Vision System Market Report

Enhanced vision systems are state-of-the-art technologies that integrate information from all aircraft sensors to view electronic representations of external environments in realtime.

Flight Management System Market

Flight Management System Market Report

Flight management systems form a significant component of a modern aircraft's avionics systems. This is a special computerized program that conducts various in-flight operations that involve automatically reducing the workload of the aircraft crew for navigators or flight engineers.

Ground Handling Software Market

Ground Handling Software Market Report

Ground management software is the software for ground handling activities such as passenger boarding and check-outs, baggage management, safety management, automated cargo management, and load control, among other things.

Mission Management System Market

Mission Management System Market Report

A mission management system is a computer system that performs various functions such as handling of large amounts of field data, autonomous targeting, surveillance & tracking, defense, cyber safety, cyber-warfare, and other significant military functions.

Naval Vessels Dynamic Positioning Systems (DPS) Market

Naval Vessels Dynamic Positioning Systems (DPS) Market Report

Dynamic positioning (DP) enables a vessel to maintain a predetermined heading and position, fixed or moving, by use of propulsion units to counteract the effects of displacing forces such as wind, current, and wave action.

Persistent Threat Detection System (PTDS) Market

Persistent Threat Detection System (PTDS) Market Report

Persistent threat detection system (PTDS) is a massive helium-filled lighter than an air system designed to provide long-range information, surveillance, identification, and communication assistance to soldiers.

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